An Evening at the Lake – NH Family Photography

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I love meeting new clients but what I love even more is when they come back for more with their extended family!!!  Leah won a gift certificate last year and we had a blast taking pictures with her boys and husband last fall.  She then bought a gift certificate to give to her mom for Christmas last year with hopes of getting everyone together this summer at the lake.  Well the wait was worth it because this family knows how to have fun!  

The very first photo of the night was a keeper…even the dog posed great!  From the wardrobe choice to the location this was such a great shoot and I hope to get to hang out with them more in the future.

I was just about to call it a night and the kids were just hanging on the dock so I called the dads back down and we snagged this keeper as a secret to Grandma who had gone for pizza.

Finally, the kids were so well behaved that I promised them I would stick around so that I could take some fun pictures of them jumping off the float.  It was worth it because we laughed so hard and these kids had the biggest smiles on their faces.

Soaking wet and loving every minute!

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