I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and feeling every ounce of it!  I know how uncomfortable those last couple months can be but believe me when I tell you that having maternity photos done is totally worth it!  I had my first son 2 years ago and my friend/assistant Samantha was gracious enough to take some of my husband and I before little Briggsy arrived EARLY.  Yesterday after photographing two families myself, Sammy met us at the beach to do some last minute photos of our family before my husband ships out for a few weeks (just in case this little guy wants to come early like his brother).  It was HOT and I was pooped from my own photo sessions but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!  I love these photos of the three of us and I can’t wait to become a family of FOUR.  You may not feel up for having a photo taken when you are feeling big and uncomfortable but you will regret it if you don’t.  Here are a few of my favorites from my shoot.  Email me if you are interested in our maternity/first year packages!

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