My little man turned 2 a few months ago and I have been putting off doing his photos for a little while since I am 8 months pregnant and needed someone to help me.  With the help of my mom (she was the wrangler), I not only got some really fun shots of my little man but also of one of my favorite places to shoot.  Fort Stark in New Castle, NH.  This has the best of everything…rock walls, old forts, ocean, beach and flowers.  My son is currently afraid of the waves so the beach was out for today but it was beautiful just to be on the water.  Here are some of my favorites!


My son has always been my most difficult subject so for the hour and a half that he wanted to do his own thing, I got some great scenic shots of the park.

Finally, with a jumping through hoops, my mother and I got him to stay in one spot for a little while and got some great stuff.

He sure does love to giggle at his Nannie!

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