Why the First Year is SO Important


When I talk to my clients that are expecting or have just had a baby and they ask me what I suggest for photos, I always tell them to make sure to get as many as possible in the first year because before you know it your baby will be a toddler! 

With my first two boys I missed out on the monthly photos but I was determined to get them with Charlianne – THANK YOU PINTEREST.  Now, this is not something that I would ask my clients to do with me but it is something I would definitely tell them to do for themselves and leave the major milestone photos to me. 

Babies change so much in the first year.  Charlianne is no different.  Her first birthday is next week and while collecting pictures for her big party this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice how different she looks in each one.  You can see when she got her teeth in, when she began to sit up, her curls started coming in and the last images you can tell she is on the move…these were REALLY hard for mommy to get.  The one constant…THAT SMILE!  Man she smiles, even when she is mad at me. 

What do I recommend?

  • Newborn, 6 months & 1 year (at the minimum)
  • Newborn, 4 months, 8 months & 1 year (my favorite)
  • Missed your newborn?  No worries – 3 months, 6 months & 1 year is a perfect alternative

White Wave Photography will be offering some great new “First Year” packages this spring.  If you would like to be the first to hear about these great new offerings and to hear about upcoming model calls* please go here to sign up for my monthly newsletter.  I promise that it will be worth the wait! 

*Model calls are when I am looking for newborns/babies to photograph for my portfolio or marketing pieces – these are done at a discount to clients.


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