4 Tips to Making your Family Session Less Stressful


Your family portrait session is a big day! This portrait will hang on the walls and appear in photo albums for years to come. There is a lot of pressure on families (okay, moms!) to make sure this photo is perfect. You need to schedule the session, coordinate outfits, and make sure everyone is in a good mood the day of the portraits. It can be a lot!

I recently shared a blog post with tips on how to Make Your Family Photography Session FUN for the Kids. Today, I want to share a couple of tips to make the session less stressful for you and the whole fam. Your family portrait session should be a blast, and there are a few tips to help make sure that it is!

How to Make Your Family Portrait Session Easy 

Here are my 4 top tips for making your family photo session less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Make it Your Only Priority That Day – If your schedule allows you to, try to make the portrait session the only scheduled activity that day for your family. This will enable you to have plenty of time to get ready and make sure that your family is relaxed before the shoot. If you have other commitments that day, just try to give yourself ample time before the session. 

  1. Eat Before… And After – Try to make sure your family is fed before the shoot. We don’t want anyone hungry and asking for snacks. Even though you might have a kiddo that will definitely ask for snacks anyway. Packing snacks for after the session is a good idea if someone is hungry, but do not plan on giving out any snacks during the session. 

  1. Prepare All Outfits in Advance – Have everyone’s outfits ready to go the weekend before the family portrait session. And, I mean, ready to GO! Make sure everything fits, is washed and ironed. Nothing is more stressful than having to track down a shirt or realizing someone’s outfit needs ironing the day of the shoot. If your session is in spring, check out my blog post with what to wear. 

  1. Celebrate After – Another way to make the session a fun experience is if you can plan a fun activity after. This could be a fun dinner out afterward or plan on a family game night back at home. Whatever your family likes to do! This is a nice reason to celebrate and could be considered a nice reward for any family members who are nervous about the session. 

Choose the Right Family Photographer

I truly hope no one in your family is nervous before the family portrait session. My best advice is to find a photographer that clicks with your family. One that can make sure everyone feels relaxed and ready to have some fun. I think your family portraits should be a fun experience for everyone and be one to remember! If you think I might be a good fit for your family, let’s chat!


xoxo, Jennie

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