5 Reasons to Hire Birth Photographer


Birth is an event like no other that’s filled with love, strength, and perseverance for all those involved. The experience of birth is fast-moving and, as mamas, we want to soak in every glorious moment. Having a birth photographer present at your birth allows the entire birth team to be fully present while ensuring your birth process is fully documented. 

I gathered up my top 5 reasons to hire a birth photographer to share with you. Whether you’re considering birth photography or the fresh 48, these reasons will help you decide what might work best for you. 

My Top 5 Reasons to Consider Birth Photography 

These are the top 5 reasons from my experience why you should consider a birth photographer for your upcoming birth. Whether you’re having a hospital birth, home birth, or giving birth at a birth center, these reasons apply to all!

  1. Allows Your Birth Partner to Be Fully Present

Birth is such an incredible experience for you and your partner. As a birth photographer, I’ve been lucky to witness the incredible love and energy in the room during a birth. There’s nothing quite like seeing a mother and her partner work together to bring new life into this world. I’m so grateful that the birth partner doesn’t have to worry about taking any photos and can be fully present throughout the entire birth because I am with the couple. 

  1. You and Your Birth Partner are Photographed 

Both of you being fully present at the birth leads me to the next reason why it’s important to have a professional birth photographer with you, and that is so you and your partner are in the photos! If your partner is the one taking photos, then is he not in them! Your partner will be able to snap a few photos in between surges, but during each contraction, you’ll want your partner by your side and not taking photos!

  1. Capture the Precious Moments Around the Birth 

This reason holds especially true for a home birth! A birth photographer will capture those precious moments around the birth that mom and her partner may not see. Moments like older siblings peaking through the door or helping to bring mom tea. There are such wonderful moments to capture throughout the birth process.

  1. Professional Photos to Treasure 

Instead of your birth photos hanging out on someone’s iPhone, this ensures the photos of your birth story are professionally done and ready to be turned into memories. From creating a birth story book or album to printing those first moments with your new baby, you want those photos to be professional quality. This leads perfectly into my final reason!

  1. Preserving Memories of Your Birth 

The story of your birth is preserved forever with a professional birth photographer. Memories may fade, but photos last. Those small, meaningful moments will be captured in photos for you to look back on for the years to come. Every year you celebrate your child’s birthday, you can look back on the birth photos and remember that incredible day. 

I would love to be your birth photographer and preserve the precious memories of your child’s birth. Send me a note to schedule your free consultation. 

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xoxo, Jennie

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