Why Choose a Studio Baby Photographer to Capture Every Milestone

Why Choose a Studio Baby Photographer to Capture Every Milestone

Watching your child grow is one of the best and most rewarding experiences of your life! Yes, my three kids drive me crazy, but watching them grow into the people they’re meant to be is amazing. I’ll never forget holding each of my babies for the first time. I wanted to document everythinggg!

If you’re an expecting mama, I’m sure you plan on taking all the photos of your adorable baby to share with family and friends. What about each of your baby’s major milestones!? Don’t worry; there’s an option to help you document your baby’s biggest milestones without any of the stress. 

As your baby is growing, there are certain advantages to selecting a studio photographer. Here are some of the best reasons to consider an indoor studio session inside my Exeter studio

Sweet baby girl's six month sitter session

6 Reasons Why Studio Baby Photography is the Best

  1. Controlled Temperature to Keep Baby Comfortable 

The weather in the Portsmouth area can be very unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong, outdoor sessions are GORGEOUS if the weather cooperates, but within minutes, a sunny, warm day can easily drop fast, turn windy, and be uncomfortable for your baby. One of the most significant benefits of opting for a studio baby photographer is that you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather OR keeping your house clean for an in-home session. Your baby’s comfort and safety are the top priorities. In a controlled studio environment, your little one will be snug and secure, allowing the session to go smoother and the photos to look more natural. 

  1. Classic Backdrop to Focus on Your Baby

Studio sessions offer timeless and classic backdrops that add a touch of sophistication to your baby’s photos. Whether it’s soft pastels, a plain classic white where your baby is the center focus, vibrant colors, or elegant neutrals, you can choose from a variety of backgrounds that will make your baby the star of the show. 

These backdrops and props create a polished and professional look, ensuring your baby’s milestone moments are nothing short of amazing. I love working with families before our session even begins to get an idea of your vision and ideas so we can capture exactly the look you’re going for. 

  1. Your Baby is Safely Contained

As any parent knows, babies are incredibly active, curious, and, let’s be honest, unpredictable, especially as they get older and are more mobile. In a studio setting, your baby can explore and interact freely within a safe and controlled space. This ensures your baby stays secure while allowing me to capture those candid, sweet moments without any outside distractions.

  1. Stress-Free Experience

Hey, I LOVE outdoor sessions, too. Look at my social media and portfolio; you’ll see many outdoor portraits. However, an outdoor session adds a few additional layers, which can be fun but might be stressful with a baby. 

You won’t have to worry about finding the perfect outdoor location, obtaining special permits that can oftentimes be costly, weather-related mishaps, or lugging a load of props, strollers, blankets, etc. Everything is conveniently set up for you in the studio, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience! You just bring your baby and enjoy a special morning or afternoon together.

  1. Convenient Location

Studio baby photography is a great option because it offers a convenient location that is easily accessible for parents. You won’t need to travel long distances or brave harsh weather conditions to capture your baby’s milestones. Plus, if we have your session at home, you have to worry about cleaning and staging your home! Ditch the stress and let me handle the cleaning. This convenience factor allows you to focus on making the session memorable and enjoyable for your family. 

I love it when the families make a whole day of their special session, maybe grabbing lunch, shopping, going to a museum, or just soaking in every minute of our session. I have a lot of local recommendations of fun things to do around my studio, so just ask! I’d love to share all my favorite places. 

  1. Professional Equipment and Lighting

Studio photographers have top-notch gear and lighting setups that ensure your baby’s photos are nothing short of stunning. With outdoor sessions, shadows, and harsh lighting can be more difficult to control, and when time is of the essence with little ones, it’s nice to know all of that is taken care of. 

  1. Mom’s Documented Too!

As you snap photos of your cute baby during that first year, you’re likely the one behind the camera and not in front of it. With a professional studio session, we’ll ensure that you are photographed with your baby! You and your baby will treasure these images for years to come. My full-service process means your hair and makeup, and wardrobe are included in the session, so that’s even less to worry about!
baby photographer captures a six month milestone session

First Year Collective

The First Year Collective is a collection of 3-4 milestone sessions throughout baby’s first year. The big milestones sessions can include maternity portraits, newborn sessions, the 6-month “sitter” milestone, and the 1st birthday studio session. Once you book your First Year Collective, you’re all set! You can look forward to the baby photographer photographing all your baby’s major milestones.

PS – aren’t six month “sitter” sessions SO adorable!? The reason why these baby milestone sessions are perfect for the studio is because they can showcase your baby’s newfound ability to sit independently. It’s all about immortalizing their first giggles, curiosity, confident sit-ups, and mesmerizing gazes into the camera.

Luxury Baby Photographer In Portsmouth, NH

When it comes to capturing your baby’s precious milestones, a studio session offers SO many benefits. These sessions provide stunning photos you’ll cherish for years to come, all while ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety. Experience the countless benefits of studio photography with White Wave Photography. Let’s chat and make magic together if you’re ready to capture those precious family moments and create timeless memories. So, if you’re ready, let’s schedule a call today!

mom and baby have fun during a studio baby photographer session

Stress-Free Pictures with Santa in Downtown Exeter, NH

Stress-Free Pictures with Santa in Downtown Exeter, NH

Do you remember meeting Santa? 

Meeting Santa is such a magical, memorable moment for a child! 

I remember my mom taking me to see Santa at the mall. We waited in a SUPER long line, and I was so nervous to meet Santa the whole time! I can’t even remember what I said to him, but it probably wasn’t what I had planned. It’s a little scary for kids because while they love Santa, meeting such a special person is a BIG moment. Some kids are shy and need a minute to warm up, but with the long line behind them, kids usually get, what, one full minute with Santa?!

As an Exeter family photographer, I wanted to create a better experience for your child and your whole family! The holidays are stressful for families, so let’s make this holiday season less stressful and more memorable with Private Pictures with Santa in my downtown Exeter, NH studio!


5 Benefits of a Private Santa Experience in Downtown Exeter, NH

1. Stress-Free Experience – This is a stress-free experience for you AND your child. There’s no dragging the family to a public event and waiting in a long line. No hoping the line moves a little faster while your kids get crankier and crankier waiting. The Santa Experience is an easy-breezy session experience. Once you book your session time, you just need to arrive shortly before your time to see Santa – that’s IT.

2. No Waiting – I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to stand around in a long line! I remember dreading taking my kids to a local event with Santa because I had no idea how long to expect. Would we wait 30 minutes? An hour!? TWO hours!? No idea. It caused me to feel more stressed, which made my kids stressed. With a private experience, you just show up for your time! NO waiting. 

3. Private Experience – I mentioned above that some kids are shy and need time to warm up to Santa. I would say most kids need a minute or two to warm up to Santa. It makes total sense! Santa is a stranger. One that they’re very excited about and brings them presents, but still, a total stranger! The Santa Experience gives your children an opportunity to warm up to Santa. After they warm up and feel relaxed, we get the best, most natural smiles.

4. Great for the Christmas Card – I think it goes without saying, but the image(s) from this session creates the BEST Christmas card photo! No more frantically going through photos on your phone trying to find a decent picture for the Christmas card. This. is. It!!

5. Treasured Memory for Your Children – Imagine being able to create a memorable experience for your children! Instead of remembering long lines or a stressed-out mom, they get to a magical moment with Santa that they’ll never forget, with images to remember it by.


Pictures with Santa in Downtown Exeter, NH

As a photographer AND mom of three, I wanted to create a pictures with Santa experience that your family will truly enjoy. Our Santa is AMAZING, and we can’t wait to meet your kids. I can’t wait to see your kids light up when they get to enjoy a peaceful moment with Santa.


5 Reasons to Book Your Extended Family Photoshoot in Portsmouth, NH

5 Reasons to Book Your Extended Family Photoshoot in Portsmouth, NH

Getting your entire family together is such a special treat that always goes by way too fast. How often have you spent time with family and then afterward wished you had taken a photo? Or you did take a photo, but the image didn’t quite turn out the way you hoped. As a Seacoast family photographer, I’m extremely passionate about generational family photography. 

If you’re reading this, it means you’re thinking about scheduling an extended family photoshoot near Portsmouth, NH. Not that you need any more reasons, but I’d love to share the top five reasons why you NEED to book this special photoshoot. Any questions? Let me know here. 

Five Reasons to Have an Extended Family Photoshoot 

1. Professional Image that Looks Amazing – Hey, I LOVE that our smartphones give us the ability to snap a decent picture to hold the memory. If I had to choose between a bad smartphone picture or NO picture, I would say use the phone! However, how many times have you taken a smartphone picture and hated how the image turned out? Maybe it was blurry, the lighting was weird, or someone wasn’t looking… it’s frustrating! Booking a professional extended family photoshoot ensures that you end up with a high-resolution, edited image that everyone will love.

2. Document Your Extended Family – Your extended family photoshoot documents every member of your family. You’ll be able to see the different generations in your family visually. Holding everyone in one photo will be a precious treasure to hold onto for many, many years!

3. Create Beautiful Artwork – You would never leave these images on a flash drive! These images deserve to be printed in beautiful custom artwork. We can help each family display and cherish this image by creating a wall art piece that complements each home or putting together an heirloom album that tells your family’s story.  

4. Gift for Future Generations – Imagine being able to pass down your family’s history. You can with your heirloom portrait artwork from your extended family photoshoot. Your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will be able to know and remember their family. 

5. Memorable Experience – The truth is that a lot of times, when we gather together, it’s for a purpose. The purpose could be for holidays, weddings, graduations, funerals, etc. However, the purpose of this session will be to document your family. Your entire family will have such an enjoyable time during the photoshoot and always look back at their portrait artwork with a smile while they remember that fun day!

Portsmouth, NH Extended Family Photoshoot

Capturing your extended family and documenting the different generations in your family is a gift to yourself and future generations. I know how much love and care goes into coordinating and planning a multi-family photography session which is why I’m here to help you every step of the way! If you’re thinking about booking an extended family photoshoot, let’s chat during a free Discovery call. 

Any general questions or concerns? Send me a message here. 

seacoast multi family photoshoot

taking multi family photos

Simple and Classic Studio Newborn Photography Sessions in Exeter, NH

Simple and Classic Studio Newborn Photography Sessions in Exeter, NH

That sweet baby you’ve been dying to meet is almost here! As you research different Exeter newborn photographers, you might be wondering if a studio session is right for you. While I do offer both at-home and in-studio newborn portraits, there is something so magical about a studio portrait session. When clients will come to me asking for a simple, timeless professional portrait of their newborn, I highly recommend a studio session. Here are some reasons why you might choose a studio newborn photography session, some perks, and a bit more about my studio space. 

Why Choose Classic Studio Newborn Photography 

Your newborn is absolutely perfect just the way they are. No props or fancy setups needed. A classic, simple newborn portrait is one that you will cherish forever with your newborn as the star of the show. These portraits will always look beautiful on the walls of your home. Mama, I encourage you to be in the images as well. Those first official portraits of you and your newborn will always hold a special place in your heart. 

Perks of a Newborn Studio Session 

While it might seem easier just to have your newborn photographer come to your home, there are so many perks of a newborn studio session! Here are a few reasons why you might choose a studio newborn portrait session.

1. Let Me Do the Prep – You don’t have to clean, organize, or panic about where to take these portraits in your home. The studio will be clean and waiting for you with all my wraps and setups handy.

2. Less Time – Since I’ll have everything ready for you, we can start the session a little quicker and spend less time staging before taking portraits. Newborn portrait sessions tend to take 2 hours (with breaks), but at home, they can take longer. NO big deal; it’s just something to consider!

3. Classic, Clean Look – You might change your home’s style, switch up décor, or even move! But your studio newborn portraits will always have that classic, clean look that will look amazing with anything.

4. Full-Service Newborn Photography – The first few weeks with your newborn is a whirlwind. You’re learning how to take care of a newborn and heal from birth. I’d love to take care of your newborn session for you so that all you have to do is show up to the studio and let me handle everything from there. I’ll have your wardrobe, hair and makeup, any newborn wraps, setups, etc. ALL ready and waiting for you. You can literally show up in yoga pants and a ponytail. Once you step into the studio, you’re in good hands! Please send me a message with any questions or to schedule your consultation!

Exeter, NH Newborn Photography Studio 

The White Wave Photography studio is conveniently located in the heart of Exeter, NH! I absolutely LOVE welcoming babies and their families to the studio. As a full-service newborn photographer, I handle all of the details for my clients to create a memorable, stress-free experience that results in heirloom portrait artwork. Many newborn session clients choose to create a custom album with their images

White Wave Photography First Year Collective

Book once, and you’re all set! Capture each of your baby’s major milestones throughout the first year of their life with The First Year Collective. This photography package includes 3-4 portrait sessions over the first 18 months of your baby’s life to ensure you can document every important moment with professional images and portrait artwork to always remember them.

Learn more about the White Wave Photography First Year Collective here.

Newborn photography

Why Schedule Your York, ME Family Photos Now

Why Schedule Your York, ME Family Photos Now

I don’t know any mama who doesn’t want family portraits, yet it’s one of the “to-dos” that’s easily pushed off. Why is that? Because we’re so busy and it feels like a lot of work! Many Newburyport families will reach out in the fall because they have Christmas cards on their minds. Scheduling your family photos now means you can enjoy your family portraits even faster. 

I’d love to share why you should schedule your family photos now and how my full-service family photography process makes it a great experience!

Why Schedule Family Photos Now for the Best Experience 

Beat the Crazy Fall Family Photo Rush – Fall is busy for family photographers! (and we love it!) Everyone wants to get that perfect family photo for their Christmas card and to hang on the wall before the holiday season. Unfortunately, fall tends to be really busy for families too! Kids are starting school, fall sports are in full swing, and everything in between. If you schedule your portraits in the summer, your family will have less on the schedule, and I have more availability before the fall rush. 

Stress-Free Family Photo Experience – My goal is ALWAYS to create a stress-free family photo experience. Your whole family will love your portrait session. I even have 4 tips for a stress-free family photo session right here for you. However, I’ve noticed that my families feel more relaxed in the summer. There’s something wonderful and carefree about spending a summer day taking portraits with your family! 

Natural Summer Glow – Your family will always look just perfect. But just think – summer portraits mean your family will have a natural summer glow from spending time outside! 

Wear Summer Clothes – I personally love summer attire for family portraits. You’ll always look at these portraits and feel happy summer vibes. Not sure what to wear? Check out my guide on what to wear for summer family photos. 

Enjoy Your Portrait Artwork Faster – It’s no secret that printing and displaying your family photos is good for your children. Your children will love seeing their photos on the walls and feel secure in their place in the world.  If we take your family portraits this summer, we’ll be able to display your artwork faster than in the busy fall. You’ll have beautiful photos to show off during the holiday months (and beyond!).

why take your family photos now

Full-Service Family Photographer near York, ME

My full-service family photography process handles all of the planning and details for you and your family. You don’t have to stress about finding a location, choosing what to wear, or even how you’re going to use your images. I’ll guide you through the entire seamless process so that you end up with family portrait artwork that you’ll love forever. 

Ask me any questions or schedule your call with me here.

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