Newborn Experience | Featured Product – Albums | Exeter, NH

Newborn Experience | Featured Product – Albums | Exeter, NH

Displaying your treasured portraits is the mission of my business. Yes, I’m a photographer and I capture your beautiful family. However, I always start every session with the end in mind. My job as your photographer isn’t complete until your amazing photos are lovingly displayed in your home. 

It’s not only important to create family portrait artwork to display but to treasure forever. Imagine your grandchildren and their grandchildren looking through your photos and knowing their family roots. This is so important, but understandably, creating these prints and albums adds to your long to-do list! 

Be honest with me, how long did it take for you to create your wedding album? One month? One year? Is it still not done!? This is not meant to shame you but to share the honest truth. Life is busy and we don’t get to every project that we know is important. 

Newborn Photography Packages

If it took you a while to create your wedding album, then imagine your newborn album! I don’t need to tell you that the newborn phase is a crazy and beautiful time that goes by in a blink. All of a sudden, you’ll realize your baby is a toddler. Blink again, and he’s off to kindergarten. My newborn photography packages are created with this in mind. I take the printing and displaying off your to-do list completely. All you have to do is tell me your hopes and dreams for your portraits and I take care of the rest! 

Why Choose a Treasured Portrait Album?

There are so many products to choose from, but let me highlight one of my favorites – the album! It’s no surprise that albums can invoke the strongest emotions because you can see and feel your images to allow the memories to wash over you. You and your child can look through this keepsake and remember what it was like to meet your precious newborn. 

Another incredible feature of the album is that you can pass this artwork down to your children. They can look through the story of their life and feel reminded of how loved they are! Choose an album that’s designed to last for decades so that it will be passed down for generations. 

Your Full-Service Newborn Photographer in Exeter, NH 

I’m on a mission to help as many Seacoast families as possible capture and display their love. As your full-service newborn photographer, I guide you through the entire process and make it as stress-free as possible. After you choose which album you would like, I handle creating the entire piece and print it upon approval from you. It’s that easy. See a sample album layout below! 

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, please reach out and contact me here. Not ready to book? No problem at all! I would love to have you on my email list to stay up-to-date with what’s going on at the studio. Finally, if you’re looking for a community, please join my Facebook Group “The Village for Seacoast Moms” to be part of our tribe! 

Addie’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Tewksbury, MA

Addie’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Tewksbury, MA

Photographing your precious newborn means the world to me. Your baby is your whole entire world and I get the honor of capturing those first sweet moments. Trust me when I say, it’s a privilege to be there with you during those first newborn days.

Addie’s lifestyle newborn photography was an absolute dream! Meeting this sweet girl and seeing her amazing parents was so so special! For this session, I went to the family’s home to capture newborn lifestyle poses. I think many newborn parents are nervous about having their home “ready” for me to come and take photos. There’s really nothing to worry about since I barely notice anything except your beautiful baby! 

I’m thrilled to show you Addie’s gorgeous portraits! 

lifestyle newborn portrait session

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits 

Your newborn portrait session allows you a moment to slow down and just enjoy your sweet baby! Lifestyle newborn portraits are just that – hitting pause and capturing your life at this very moment. Your baby is only a newborn once and it goes so quickly. 

This family was so sweet and I could immediately feel the love as I entered their home. Baby Kayla was ready for her closeup, but then again, she’s just a beautiful baby! Capturing her portraits was a delight. She was perfect and snuggly for her portraits that mom and dad will look back on and treasure forever.

Are Lifestyle Newborn Portraits Right for Me?

If you’re an expecting parent, you might be wondering how to choose what type of newborn photos you want. First, you’ll want to think about how you want to display these portraits. Why start there? Because knowing where your photos are going to be displayed can help us decide the style we want for the session. Then, you’ll want to consider if you prefer a studio session or an in-home newborn session. The beauty is that we actually can take lifestyle or posed portraits in either location, however, deciding which location you prefer will help decide the style. After you choose which location, we figure out any wardrobe and prop needs. As a full-service newborn photographer, I’m happy to guide my clients through this entire process with ease! 

Tewksbury, MA Newborn, and Family Photographer 

My name is Jennie Bishop of White Wave Photography and I’m honored to capture Tewksbury, MA’s families, newborns, and high school senior portraits! I offer full-service photography to my families and you’ll soon learn why many return to work with me again and again! You see, I guide you through the entire portrait process and my job isn’t done until your beautiful photos are lovingly displayed in your home! 

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, please reach out and contact me here. Not ready to book? No problem at all! I would love to have you on my email list to stay up-to-date with what’s going on at the studio. Finally, if you’re looking for a community, please join my Facebook Group “The Village for Seacoast Moms” to be part of our tribe! 

Emma Dolan Birth Doula | NH Business Branding Session

Emma Dolan Birth Doula | NH Business Branding Session

We’re lucky to have incredible birth resources in the Seacoast area. When I met Emma Dolan of Emma Dolan Birth Doula, I knew she was someone special. She is warm, kind, wicked smart, and I wish every mother could have Emma by her side during the birth of her child. 

What better way to introduce Emma than by showcasing her amazing business branding session that we did recently!? I asked her a few questions so that you could get to know her and her mission.  (Oh, and, if you’re not already, please join my Facebook Community to watch our LIVE Interview

Emma and I sat down to chat about her mission and business story. I edited some of her responses for clarity but mostly left her responses as they were so that you could read her story. Enjoy! 

Meet Emma Dolan Birth Doula | Dover, NH, and the Seacoast 

1) Can you share about your business and who you serve?

My business is being a birth doula and a childbirth educator. I teach for Wentworth Douglass Hospital. As a doula, I provide non-medical support for people during pregnancy, labor, and birth primarily. That includes informational, emotional, and physical support. In terms of my business, as any small business owner, I wear many hats. 

My day-to-day is consistent with prenatal meetings, interviews with potential clients, sending out contracts, sending out meetings, postpartum visits, and being on call. A lot of my life is being available for people. I also attend births for my clients when they’re in labor and at the hospital and sometimes that can be many hours. In terms of the people I serve, I serve anyone who reaches out and wants a doula. 

The biggest category of clients I have are people who are looking for support for labor and birth, maybe because they have a specific idea of what they want out of their experience and others because they are particularly anxious about their labor and birth experience and they want someone who is able to walk them through and be next to them. 

I’m also affiliated with Wentworth Douglass Hospital as a doula and support people who receive a scholarship to access doula support through the hospital. Through that program, I’m working with people who otherwise wouldn’t have doula support and really need it and could really use it. I love that aspect of my client base.

Emma Dolan Birth Doula’s Brand Story

2) What inspired you to start your business? 

I’ve known about doulas forever and my mom had a doula for my sister’s birth and my birth. And so I grew up knowing about them which is really lucky. The summer between high school and college I became interested in birth work and just thinking more about it and realizing that was even an avenue that someone could go down in terms of a career path. I did a little doula training the winter of my freshman year of college just to see how it felt to think more about it and I loved it.

Throughout college, I did my undergrad at Mount Holyoke and I was studying anthropology and completed college certificates in culture, health, and science so public health, big picture conversations, and I absolutely loved it. 

In my senior year of college, I wrote a thesis where I interviewed people about their cesarean birth stories and analyzed them in the bigger context of anthropological writings on birth and cesarean delivery which was amazing. When I graduated I was a little burnt out on academia and wanted to go into the practical side of things which is when I did my workshop to become a doula and got certified and started my business in June of 2019.

3) What’s the mission and vision of your business?

I want to empower families to “birth with intention.” That’s my mission for my clients. My goal when I work with someone is to have them be informed and educated and help them with asking questions so as they’re making choices throughout their pregnancy, labor, and birth they feel powerful, in control and when their experience is over they can look back on it with a positive memory. 

That’s my goal for people. I want anyone who needs doula care to have access to doula care. That’s why I’m honored to be a part of that scholarship program at Wentworth Douglass so that people who need the care can get the care. I think everyone should have a doula.

Doulas aren’t just for people who want a natural birth experience. Doulas are helpful for all types of births, all types of intentions, and all types of outcomes and plans. We’re there and we should be there for all of them. Don’t be deterred if you can’t wait to get an epidural; you can still have a doula. I will still do my most for you.


4) What’s your biggest lesson learned on your entrepreneurial journey so far? 

One thing that makes me unique as a doula local to where I am is that I’m young and don’t have my own children. I’ve grown my business alongside growing myself. I don’t know how to separate what I’ve learned out of my business versus what I’ve learned just being 22-25 years old. It’s really a lesson to just believe in myself and trust the process. There are a lot of days where I just had to do nothing to get to where I am. There’s a lot of planting seeds, watering them, and waiting for things to grow and that waiting is excruciating, but it paid off so well. For me it’s built strength and my inner compass of doing what is right and that it’ll work out.

Small Business Owner Emma Dolan shares her story on the White Wave Photography blog

Small Business Branding Session Tips

5) Any tips for preparing for your branding session?

My work is hard to photograph because I can’t exactly take photos with someone who is in labor. I needed to find ways to portray what I do during our branding session. Jennie and I chatted beforehand and brainstormed some ideas so that I felt confident and ready to go into my shoot. She had some great ideas and made me feel at ease. 

I was so excited to shoot with Jennie as she came to my parent’s house because I wanted the photos to have a homey, comfy look instead of a studio look. They turned out amazing!

6) How did your branding photos help your business grow?

I rebranded about a month before the photos so I was excited to take my business to the next level. To take control and hire someone to do my branding was a huge step. I had only one headshot from when I started out so to have more than one photo was luxurious and having so many good ones from Jennie took my business to the next level. Having photos on social media that matched the photos on my website is great. 

During my branding session, we did a mixture of professional photos, action shots, and candid shots. Jennie was able to capture where I was and share that with people who were interested in me as their doula. My business has taken off significantly since then and I think the branding and the photos had a piece of that. The percentage of times I get hired from an interview is much higher than it was even a year ago.

I think that’s because when people see me online and I look a certain way and they reach out to me and I am that same way then they hire me. There’s continuity. These photos really portray who I am so there are no surprises when people meet me in person.

8) Do you have a tip for someone who is just getting started out as a doula?

Be clear about why you are in this work and what you want out of it and how much you are willing to give it to get there. But be patient and make connections with your community. Other doulas are absolutely the people you want in your corner. It’s not competitive. There are not enough doulas in the world if everyone wants a doula. By banding together and getting the name of doula care out there it will benefit all of you equally. 

So build your community. Doulas are your friends. In terms of business, the work pays off, and knowing that if you’re not doing 8 hours of work a day, you are doing enough and if you’re getting what you want out of it then that’s your business and your choice.


7) How can readers support you? 

If you had a doula at your birth, talk about it! Talk about your positive birth experience because people only hear about the negative ones. You can find me on my Instagram and Facebook. You’re welcome to follow along and learn more even if you are not an expecting parent! If you have any questions for me or wish to learn more about how a doula can support your birth experience, please visit my website.

Why Have Business Branding Photos 

Thank you for reading Emma’s story! Isn’t she amazing? I feel so lucky that I get to know businesses like hers through my photography business. If you’re interested in telling your story online, let’s chat about your branding session. Send me a message here.

Newborn Photography Experience Studio Vs Home

Newborn Photography Experience Studio Vs Home

Throughout your pregnancy journey, you dream of the day you meet your new baby. The newborn stage is such a precious and short time. When you look back, this time feels like a beautiful blur of adjusting to your new family dynamic and getting to know your little one. 

Reflecting on the newborn period for my kids feels like a distant memory, with certain moments standing out more than others. Capturing your newborn portraits helps you treasure this time for the rest of your life. You’ll always be able to look back at these photos and remember this time while also watching how much your child has grown! 

Knowing how important photographing your newborn is and how much of a blur those first few weeks are, I created a stress-free newborn portrait experience for you and your family. Part of this is offering your newborn session at home or in the studio. 

Today, I walk through the different newborn photography options of taking them at the studio or in your home to help you see which one you may prefer! The end goal is to capture photos for you to love on and display in your home. Let’s dig in!

Newborn Photography Experience in the Studio 

There are a lot of reasons why you might prefer taking your newborn’s photos at the studio. The studio offers the perfect, all-white, simple, and pure space ready to capture dreamy newborn portraits. Studio newborn sessions are neutral and baby-focused and I will supply wraps, hats, and coordinating blankets for your session.

If you’re looking for a simple baby-led posed newborn session, the studio is a great option because everything we need is readily available at the studio and within reach. Lifestyle newborn portraits are still an option that we can do in the studio.  

This will be an opportunity to get out of the house, Mama! A day out might be just what you need to get out and about with your family. Your other kiddos are welcome to come too. I love having little helpers!

Newborn Photography Experience at Home

Some clients prefer to have their newborn’s photo taken at home. They might prefer to stay home because this is where they feel the most comfortable having them done. Home tends to be a popular choice because of this reason which is totally fine. 

Home is great for lifestyle newborn photography as we can set up anywhere in your home with your family. We can still take adorable simple baby portraits at home; I just need to bring everything I need to you.  

Finding Your Newborn Photographer 

Finding the right newborn photographer for your family is so important! You need to find someone you trust and who has the experience to capture your precious new baby perfectly no matter where your session takes place. I would love to see if we’re a good fit by having a quick chat! 

If you haven’t yet, please join my online community The Village for Seacoast Moms by White Wave Photography, and meet your squad! 

Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | Baby Hayden Arrives at Exeter Hospital

Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | Baby Hayden Arrives at Exeter Hospital

I first met Maeghan when our daughters started going to daycare together about 2 years ago when they were still little peanuts.  Fast forward to this July and Alaina became a big sister!!!  As a Fresh 28 Newborn Photographer, I jumped on the opportunity to capture the first moments that Alaina got to meet her little brother Hayden.

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography is still a pretty new trend and it is one that I really hope sticks around because I LOVE IT!  Capturing that very first day in the hospital, siblings meeting little brothers and moms & dads falling in love with this new little person is just amazing.

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

When I arrived at the Family Center at Exeter Hospital to meet baby Hayden, the hormones were racing and poor Maeghan was crying tears of happiness watching her “little girl” meet her “baby brother”.  I gave her a quick hug and assured her that we were going to capture some amazing moments and that I was so excited to meet her little man.

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

Alaina did not disappoint and jumped quickly into the “Big Sister” role – feeding baby Hayden, singing to him and wanting to take him with her to get ice cream out in the hall.  It was adorable!  She even climbed into the bassinet to snuggle with him.

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

I am so blessed to be a part of these moments and humbled when my clients share how much it means to them.  Maeghan was so kind with her words and I just had to share them with you all:

“Jennie was amazing to work with in our fresh 48 session. I was concerned that having her take pictures while we were in the hospital would be too chaotic and stressful but I was completely wrong. Jennie was a nice friendly face who had us laughing even when hormones are raging, exhaustion is real and you don’t know what life changes are in store. She got the most amazing shots of our son and daughter the day they met and we have pictures we never would have taken on our own. I felt completely at ease as she positioned Hayden and the rest of my family for the photographs. My only regret is that I didn’t have her there during labor to capture those moments, her work is truly phenomenal.”

-Maeghan S.

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

 Fresh-48-Newborn-Photographer, Exeter-Hospital-Newborn-Photography-NH, NH-Birth-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

If you are expecting a baby and are thinking about hiring a Birth or Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer, I would love to set up a phone consultation with you.  To learn more about Birth Stories and Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions from White Wave Photography download my FREE Client Guide by signing up below.