4 Best Fall Session Locations in the Seacoast

4 Best Fall Session Locations in the Seacoast

What’s that in the air? Is it the first crisp fall winds? Yes! It’s been a great summer here in the Seacoast, but I am ready for fall! Cooler weather, sweaters, beautiful colors, and back-to-school time. 

Fall is a popular time for portrait sessions for many reasons. Clients love the gorgeous fall colors and backdrops our area provides. Plus, with back-to-school, families want to capture their growing children and have their photos taken for their holiday cards. It’s also senior season! 

I’ve been lucky to photograph my families over the area and know the best spots. Here, I have my four favorite fall session locations for your portrait session in the Seacoast along with why you might like to have your photos there! If you’re looking for my favorite senior session locations, check out my other blog with those spots. 


Best Fall Session Locations Near You

It’s all about choosing a location that means something special to you. Here are four session locations and why I love them in the fall. 

1. Beach – Think the beach is just for summer portraits? Think again! September and October are great times for the beach because it is cooler and there are fewer people to contend with for great spots. I also love the fall colors dancing off the ocean as the backdrop. 

why have your fall session at the beach

2. Apple Orchards – A classic and beautiful spot for portraits is an apple orchard! My favorites are Apple Crest in Hampton Falls and Cider Hill in Amesbury, MA. These locations offer picturesque orchards that are perfect for your fall photos. 

3. Wagon Hill in Durham – This spot has it all! Great photo locations with scenic water, beautiful fields, and, it’s dog friendly, so you can bring ALL your family members to your portrait session! 

4. Fort Rock Farm in Exeter – In my humble opinion, this location is the quintessential New England backdrop in the fall! Here we have gorgeous barns, colorful fields, and weeping willow trees for memorable portraits.

Fall Back to School Portraits at Vernon Family Farm

This fall, I’m offering a very special Back to School Portrait night on Friday, September 10th at Vernon Family Farm! No matter what the school year looks like for your family, these school photos will be the BEST yet and way to slow down and capture your kiddos. Please visit my web page to learn more and book your spot(s)!

Booking Your Fall Family Portrait Session

Ready to schedule your fall portraits? Fall is a popular time so session slots fill up quickly! I’d love to photograph your beautiful family and create family portrait artwork to treasure in your home for years to come! Send me a message for your free phone consultation. 


Best Senior Photography Locations Seacoast NH

Best Senior Photography Locations Seacoast NH

Your child’s senior portraits are photos you’ll treasure and look back on for the rest of your life! As you’ve learned all about my senior portrait experience, you’ll know that the location of your senior photography session is so important! You want a location that creates beautiful photos, but also one that is meaningful to your senior. 

I share more about when it’s the best time to take senior portraits here. Once you decide when you’re having them done, you need to lock down the location. I’m in the know of all the top spots in the Seacoast and the surrounding areas and I want to share some of them with you! 


Top 8 Senior Photo Locations in the Seacoast NH Area 


  1. Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH – Prescott Park offers beautiful gardens, fountains, docks, and old homes with cool doors in Strawberry Banke. So many options for amazing senior photos. Visit the park’s website. 

  1. Great Island Common, Newcastle, NH – This rocky beach offers spots with white sand and seagrass for different beach looks. Oh, and there are two lighthouses – two! Perfect to capture a seacoast background. Visit the website. 

  1. Fort Stark, Newcastle, NH – Senior photos at an old fort!? Trust me, this spot results in seriously amazing photos. Not only are there two forts, but this spot also offers boats in the marina for a beautiful harbor backdrop. The beach and woods give us lots of options for different backdrops! Visit the website. 

Fork Stark makes the list of best locations for senior photos in NH

  1. Swasey Parkway and Downtown Exeter, NH – This lovely local park offers that classic New England views for your photos. This spot looks particularly gorgeous in summer or with fall colors. Visit the TripAdvisor listing.  

Exeter Farm is on Photographer Jennie Bishop's list of top places for senior photo sessions

  1. Footbridge Beach, Ogunquit, ME – Footbridge Beach offers two beautiful senior photo locations along a gorgeous wooden footbridge or the sandy beach as well as spots in between. There are many delightful spots at this location! Visit the Trip Advisor listing.

  1. Raynes Farm, Exeter, NH – This location offers the iconic red barn – the largest in Exeter! The barn makes for a great backdrop but this spot also offers picturesque nature views along the trail and wetlands area. Visit the website.

Stratham, NH offers great locations for senior photos

  1. Wagon Hill, Durham, NH – Here’s another farm, but this farm offers the iconic wooden wagon at the top of the hill! We can take senior photos by this beloved landmark or around the farm property. Visit the website. 


  1. Vernon Family Farm, Newfields, NH – To wrap up this list, a local favorite! The Vernon Family Farm offers unique landscape backdrops for your senior photos. Plus, it’s an amazing local business. Depending on the time of year, your senior photos can feature beautiful wildflowers! Visit the website. 

Finding Your Seacoast Senior Photographer 

I hope this list helped you narrow down where you want your seacoast senior photo session to take place. I love getting to know my seniors and creating a senior session experience all about them and that includes finding the right location for their portraits! If you’d like to schedule your senior photos, send me a message! 


When Should You Take Senior Photos on the Seacoast?

When Should You Take Senior Photos on the Seacoast?

Senior season is in full swing, and I just love it! I love getting to know these young men and women and capturing them during this amazing time in their lives. 

So, now that you have more insight into my carefully crafted Senior Experience and you have my best 5 tips to rock your senior session, another big question remains – when should you have senior photos taken? 

I’ll give you my best tips below, but I want to make sure to say that the senior session is ALL about your senior. If there’s a different season they want photos, that’s great! It’s essential to find a photographer that cares about getting to know your senior and what makes him unique! 

I’ve had the honor of photographing seniors from across the area including; 

  • Exeter High School 
  • Dover High School
  • Winnacunnet High School
  • Portsmouth High School
  • Newmarket High School

Best Time of Year for Senior Photos

The best time of year for your senior portraits is the summer before senior year. Taking them now is close enough to your senior year but gives us time to take, process, and print the photos you want to display in your home and use in the yearbook. July and August tend to be my busiest months with senior portrait sessions. 

Offseason Senior Photos 

Generally, summer is the best time for senior photos, but it might not be the best time for your senior! Maybe your senior is dreaming of a fall color backdrop. Or, perhaps your senior is an avid skier and wants a winter session. The earlier you reach out to your senior photographer and communicate this, the better for planning and execution. 

Best Time of Day for Senior Photos 

I love photographing during the “golden hour” or an hour or so before sunset for the best lighting. Summer evenings lead to a dreamy backdrop, that’s for sure! We can make other times of the day work for your senior. Does she want a sunrise beach session? Yes, please! Does he want to take photos with his car as the sun is setting? That sounds cool! The most important part of senior portraits is capturing your child’s interests and hobbies, so let’s make it happen. 

Finding Your Senior Photographer 

Find a senior portrait photographer who will take the time to get to know your senior and craft her session around her and not the other way around. This is a big moment for your child and your entire family, so let’s make sure to do it right! If you’re interested in working with me, send me a note here. Not quite ready to book? Subscribe to my email and join hundreds of other Seacoast mamas! 


The White Wave Photography Senior Photo Experience

The White Wave Photography Senior Photo Experience

You blink, and your precious baby is now about to graduate high school and head off to her next adventure. If I think about my kids graduating for too long, I feel teary. And I still have a few years to go! I truly understand that this is a special time for your entire family, and I know how to make this a pleasant experience for your kiddo. 

I’d love to share more about my senior portrait process with you so that you can feel comfortable and confident when choosing the right photographer for your graduate. Whether they love taking selfies with their friends or they don’t like the spotlight – we’ll make sure to craft an experience around who they are to capture portraits to treasure forever. 

senior photo session on the beach in NE NH

Your Senior Session 

This is way more than just snapping a few photos. I’ve worked hard to build a senior session that’s fun, laidback, and results in portraits that reflect your senior! Our end goal is to take and display photos, but I like to start by learning more about your senior than building the session around him.  This process has laid to even the most resistant senior boy to say, “That’s wasn’t bad.”  Curious? Let me show you how it works. 

5-Step Senior Portrait Process 

  1. Carefully Crafted Session – I start with asking a few questions to get to know your senior. Questions like, What are your hobbies? Is there a meaningful location? What look are you going for? Starting here helps me craft a session around what’s important to your senior!

  1. Location Scout – I know alllll the best spots for a senior portrait session, but I’m not afraid to try something new for your senior. Whether you want the beach, studio, park, or somewhere in between. Recently, I went off the trail and into the woods for a gorgeous session. 

  1. Wardrobe Guidance  – Sometimes seniors know exactly what they want to wear, and sometimes they have no clue! I’m here to help. I can literally pull things out of the closet and find an outfit she’ll feel cute and comfy wearing. 

  1. Product Selection – This is very 1996 but in a really good way! I go through and choose the best photos to edit. Then, I print them all and invite you to the studio to go through each photo. There’s just something about holding each photo in your hand that helps you decide if this is the yearbook photo or the printed portrait for the living room. Hey, if you want to make it even more 90s with some Kool-Aid and Dunkeraoos, by all means! 

  1. Mom Moment – I highly encourage moms to join the session, even telling moms to be photo-ready. I love capturing a few photos of mama and her baby. I also really need mom with me to tell me if it’s a genuine smile or not. I will pretty much do whatever it takes to get a smile out of even the most resistant senior! 

Find Your Senior Photography 

This is such an important experience for you and your senior. You need a photographer you can trust to make sure your senior has a good time and takes the portraits you’re dreaming of. That’s why I’ve carefully crafted a senior portrait experience that makes the magic happen! If you’re interested in booking me, please contact me here

The Importance of Printing Your Children’s Photos

The Importance of Printing Your Children’s Photos

Think of a cherished moment with your children. Was it a day at the beach? A picnic in the park? Or maybe it was reading together before bed. If you close your eyes, can you remember the scene? Maybe if you open your phone, you can scroll through photos and find some fun recent memories. 

The problem with this is that you have to stop and think about a cherished moment with your children and spend time digging through your phone to find the picture that correlates with the memory. 

Professionally printing your children’s photos and displaying them throughout your home allows you and your family to enjoy those memories every single day as part of your life. You get to love on your family artwork each morning as you head into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. 

Let me share why displaying your family’s portraits throughout your home is so important and how it creates your family legacy. 

Dover family photographer Jennie Bishop shares why it's important to print your children's photos

Dover, NH family photographer Jennie Bishop shares why you should print your children's portraits and how to display them on the wall

Displaying Family Portrait Artwork in Your Home 

We’re in a world where we all have thousands of photos on our phones and computers, yet little to none hang on the walls. Having access to take and store so many photos is an incredible gift that many of us take for granted.  While having thousands of photos in our pocket is amazing, it’s more important than ever to display your family photos on the walls of your home. 


Displaying your children’s portraits on the wall creates an experience that everyone who enters your home will enjoy. You’ll have a daily reminder of your children at the age of their portraits, and you’ll be instantly transported back to fond memories with them. 

Learn why you should print your children's photos to treasure forever

Creating Your Family Legacy Through Printed Photos

Do you have any photos of your grandparents as children? Maybe you have one or two to cherish, but imagine your grandchildren being able to look at albums and printed artwork of their parents. Your family’s story is captured and shared through photographs that will last forever. Your printed family artwork becomes part of your legacy to pass on to future generations. 

You hope your digital photos can be passed down, but there are downsides to this. Flash drives can get lost and passwords to cloud photo storage can get lost! Besides, how often are you firing up your old flash drive of photos to show someone? You want your most precious family portraits printed in artwork or in albums that you can actually hold in your hand.

tips for printing your children's portraits

Your Professional Family Photographer 

It’s so important to partner with a trusted professional family photographer to capture, and print, your family portraits each year. Big box stores just don’t have the quality and expertise to help you create the printed family artwork that will stand the test of time. If you’re interested in working with me, let’s set up a time to chat! Not ready to chat, no worries! I invite you to join hundreds of other seacoast moms on my email list. 

why you should print your children's portraits and display them in your home