Personal Branding and Headshots for the Holidays

Personal Branding and Headshots for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner. Are you getting your holiday business content ready? Or, let’s get real – how are you going to create all that content?

This year, I have teamed up with Amanda Gets Social to solve this problem for you! We are hosting Holiday Brand Mini Sessions at The White Wave Studio. We will create holiday inspired content for your brand with a 30 minute session. After your session, you will meet with Amanda for an additional 30 minutes to create a solid social media strategy for the holiday.

With multiple sets including both Christmas and New Years we will create this evergreen content will give you holiday images to use for years to come.

Product Based Brands

Bring some of your favorite holiday gift ideas and we will do some lay flat images perfect for social media and your website.

Digital Marketers

Let’s announce some of your upcoming sales or specials with great content for your upcoming Newsletter

Solo Business Owners

Capture a few headshots that you can use to thank your audience on social and in emails during the holiday season.


  • WHEN: Monday, November 27th at The White Wave Studio, Exeter, NH
  • 30 Minute Photo Session with Jennie from White Wave Photography followed by 30 Minutes of social media strategy with Amanda from Amanda Gets Social
  • 5 Spots Available
  • Packages start at $390 with the option to upgrade after you see your gallery of images
  • 48 Gallery Turn Around with 24 Hour Turnaround on Final image selection

Let’s do this! Book your session today!


When is the Best Time for Brand Photos in Exeter, NH

When is the Best Time for Brand Photos in Exeter, NH

So, you’re thinking about brand photos? Smart move! Every business NEEDS professional brand photos, and they’re a worthy investment. If you’re reading this, you took the first step, and I hope I’m the lucky one who is behind the lens. 

As an Exeter brand photographer, I make sure I know your goals and vision before I even pick up my camera so you get exactly what you are looking for. But when is the best time for brand photos? Let’s go over some of the many milestones when you might consider brand photos.


5 Signs It’s Time for New Brand Photos  

1. Expanding
If you’re lucky enough to be expanding your business, congratulations! It’s an exciting time, and you’ll want your photos to look as BIG as you feel like now. Here are three ways to use brand photography to show the world your expansion. 

Updated location shots Whether you are looking for interior shots, exterior, or a mix of both, this is a great way to display a new location. 

Show off new products – What better way to let customers see your new products/services/menu items in action! New photos can help generate buzz and get people talking. 

Rebranding Change is good! If your photos are looking a little stale you should consider updating them to reflect your brand’s new style and vibe!


2. New Website
Be honest, what’s the first thing that grabs your attention when you visit a website? I’d be willing to bet it’s not the words. It’s the IMAGES! Beautiful images can take your website from boring to breathtaking.


3. New Team Members
There’s nothing that sparks a feeling of spirit quite like getting together with your team members. If you’ve hired new team members, make them feel valued and welcomed with updated photos. Show off those new faces on your website and social media so your customers already feel like they know everyone! Don’t forget individual shots so you can use them for employee spotlight features. 


4. New Services
Proud to offer a brand new service? Draw in prospective customers and get your loyal customers excited by showing them exactly what they can expect. Remember, images tell a story, and this is the perfect opportunity. 


5.You Just Wanna
Lastly, you don’t need a reason to get beautiful photos for your business. Think of them as a gift for YOU! Your new photos can be used in so many different ways they will likely pay for themselves soon enough. You work hard on your business, so you deserve to treat yourself to beautiful branding photos. You’ll thank yourself. 


Exeter Brand Photos 

Ready to elevate your brand’s image? Let’s schedule a call to discuss how I can capture the essence of your brand and tell your unique story through captivating brand photography.

With over 20 years of photography experience, I find true excitement in helping businesses like yours shine through the power of imagery. Brand photography allows me to showcase your brand’s personality, products, and values, making it stand out in a crowded market. Let’s work together to create visual stories that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression. 

Contact me today to get started. 

Brand photography session near Exeter, NH

Creating Wall Galleries with Your Newborn Family Photos

Creating Wall Galleries with Your Newborn Family Photos

Your sweet, snuggly newborn won’t stay little forever. Professional newborn portraits will create a time capsule for you to return to as the years go by. You’ll always have your newborn photos to remember your tiny baby and let you hold onto that precious moment. After your newborn session, you’ll want to display these treasured portraits on the walls where you can enjoy them every day. Many of my clients want to create a gallery wall with their newborn family photos. 

Here are seven steps you can take to create your dream gallery wall!

7 Steps to Create Your Newborn Family Photo Gallery 

1.) Envisioning Your Gallery Wall – I know this might sound strange, but allow yourself to take a moment to envision your newborn family photo gallery wall. What does it look like? What story does it tell? How do you feel looking at it? Think about your answers as you move through the next steps. 

2.) Finding the Perfect Spot – Where would you like this gallery wall to be in your home? There’s no right or wrong answer! Some clients want their gallery wall over the couch in their living room, some in the dining room, and some love to see their beautiful portraits in the entryway. Look around your home and decide where you want these portraits to live.

3.) Your Home’s Style – What is your home’s style? Again, no right or wrong answer here! Having a style in mind will help us plan your session. If you’re unsure, try looking around your home to see what colors and decor you already have. I’m happy to help my clients think about their ideal style.

4.) Newborn Session – Now that we have the above steps planned out, we can head into the session with confidence that we’ll create your dream images. My signature newborn session style is laid back and baby-led. I have more information about working with a trained newborn photographer here.  

5.) Choosing Images – After the session, you’ll need to choose your favorite images and decide which ones will be framed and on the walls. The number of images will depend on the wall size and if you plan on growing the gallery wall over time. 

6.) Designing the Frames and Look – What style and color of frames would you like for your gallery wall? Consider the style of your home. Do you want something trendy or more classic that will stand the test of time? 

7.) Installation – This is the MOST important part of the process, and I’m NOT kidding! Don’t let these beautiful portraits sit around. Put them up within three days of their arrival. 

Full-Service Exeter, NH Newborn Photographer 

As a full-service newborn photographer, I take care of ALL of this for you. We’ll collaborate to dream up and create your gallery wall, and I’ll take care of all the moving steps to ensure this project is done. You deserve your dream gallery wall without any of the added stress. 

My full-service process includes

  • session planning
  • wardrobe
  • signature session experience
  • easy image reveal and ordering
  • designing your artwork
  • AND 
  • installing them for you! 

If you have any questions or wish to schedule your consultation, click here to schedule a time to chat on the phone!

What to Wear for Your Studio Maternity Photoshoot

What to Wear for Your Studio Maternity Photoshoot

Mama, there are so many fun wardrobe options for your maternity photoshoot. But finding clothes to wear during pregnancy can be frustrating enough, much less trying to find an outfit (or two) for your maternity photos! You want to look beautiful while also feeling comfortable. Plus, you don’t want to buy tons of maternity clothes since you’ll only wear them for a short period of time. 

I’m here to help you figure out what to wear for your studio maternity photoshoot. Here are some tips and ideas to help you find the perfect outfit. 

What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos


Color – I love dressing my mamas in soft and even neutral tones for their sessions. So, light pink, creams, light blues, light greens, etc. I highly recommend avoiding black or dark colors as we want to show off your beautiful bump, not hide it!

Styles – I’m ALL about comfort and style. I love long, flowy dresses on my expecting mamas. But not form-fitting dresses like this. Why?? I love that flowy dresses are so comfortable, pretty, and you can hold the bump in your portrait. 

Patterns – I tend to avoid patterns because they can be distracting from the bump. However, a light pattern might work well. 

Fabrics – So, you might be thinking that a stretchy, form-fitting cotton dress is best. Well, those dresses tend to show EVERYTHING. Like, bra straps and any other little bump. Choose a dress made from polyester or rayon, with a nice flow. 

Other Styles – Not a dress person? That’s okay! You can wear jeans with a top that follows the same ideas. 

Why Choose a Full-Service Studio Maternity Photographer

As a full-service studio maternity photographer, I have big news for you! With me, you don’t even have to shop for outfits! Well, you’ll come to the studio during our session planning and shop my CLIENT WARDROBE. My growing studio wardrobe has dresses for every mama with styles, colors, and sizes for every expecting mama. Let me do the shopping while you get to save time AND money for your maternity session. BONUS: All dresses in the client closet are great for postpartum at your newborn session too.

Seacoast Maternity Photographer 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time. I want to help my mamas feel as beautiful as they truly are while taking the stress out of planning a session off their plates. I love shopping for the White Wave Photography wardrobe and am always adding new pieces. My full-service process handles every detail for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your session day and celebrate your sweet baby! Feel free to message me with questions or book your maternity session. 


The First Year Collective

The First Year Collective

I’ll never forget the first year with my oldest son. I feel like I would blink, and he would grow. The truth is that your baby’s first year goes by way too fast. You want to be able to soak it all in throughout that first year. From their first smile to sitting up to crawling and even taking their first steps, there are so many changes! 

Honestly, I wish I had professional photos of my children during their first years. I don’t have very many. And you can’t just go back in time to take them now. 

THIS is why I created the White Wave Photography’s First Year Collective. It’s an all-in-one milestone photography package designed to help you document and preserve each important milestone during the baby’s first year.

What is a First Year Collective? 

The First Year Collective includes 3-4 portrait sessions over the first 18 months of your baby’s life to ensure you can document every meaningful moment. Once you’re booked with me, I will guide you through each step of the process. Instead of worrying about when to schedule your next session, I’ll be staying in touch with you to check in on your baby’s next milestone. Below are some samples of different ways to use the collective.

Motherhood Collective
Fresh 48/Welcome Baby

First Year Collective
6 Months (sitter)
One Year

Family Collective
6 Months (sitter)
One Year
BONUS Family Session within 18 Months

Each portrait session includes our signature full-service process, which includes wardrobe access, hair and makeup, along with artwork design and installation. By booking the First Year Collective, you’ll receive savings on the session fees plus priority booking, all while knowing your baby’s important milestones will be documented and preserved. Each session includes a product credit to go towards your dream album or portrait artwork to hang on the walls!

Why a First Year Collective?

As I said above, you don’t get to go back in time to take these photos (sorry! I wish). With the First Year Collective, you book once, and then you’re done. I’ll be there for every important milestone.

Benefits – 

  • Build a relationship with your photographer 
  • Cohesive and matching portrait artwork
  • Priority Booking
  • 25 Complimentary Birth Announcements or Holiday Cards
  • 100 Product credit to be used at each ordering appointment 

Imagine creating a custom album for your child that tells the story of their first year! It’s something you and your child will treasure for many years. 

Seacoast Milestone Photographer

As a mom of three, I’ve gone through that first year a few times. As a photographer, I want to create peace of mind for you so that you won’t have to worry about missing any important details of your baby’s first year. 

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions or to book your First Year Collective.