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Being active with my kids and doing activities that they love is something that I love!  Over the years, I have found some great ways to get out in nature and stay active with these 3 monkeys.  I wanted to share some things that are on my “Mommy Must-Haves” for getting outside and staying active.

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Our favorite activity to do as a family is ride bikes.  I love taking the kids on trail rides around the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  To do this, I have a few must haves:

1. Bike Rack for the back of the car – mine fits up to 5 bikes which is perfect for my family of 5!

2. Bike Trailer – I bought a double so I could tow 2 kids behind and now that Charli is big enough for the bike seat, I use the trailer to haul snacks, diapers and extra clothes for those longer rides.

3.  Baby Bike Seat – My kids LOVE riding up high behind me on the bike and they have been known to fall asleep on the back while I get in a nice long ride.  I got this Bike Seat that is really easy to use at Philbricks Sports in Dover, NH.  They even installed it on my new bike.

4. Baby Bike Helmet – This is for safety but it is also super cute and easy to put on.  Charli loves it and she even used it skiing this year.

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Whether we are hiking through the woods or just walking to the Newfields Country Store for an ice cream, there are a few must-haves that make it easier on Mommy:

1. Bob Stroller – I know I mentioned this one in an earlier “Mommy Must-Have” post this week but it really is amazing.  I love this stroller for running, walking on pavement or hitting the rail trail behind my house

2.  Bike to push – As the kids get older and they see their older siblings riding bikes, they want to join in the fun so a toddler bike that you can push gives them the feeling of riding while giving you all of the control.

3.  Wagon – My kids love the wagon!  Especially during trick or treat when I lay down some blankets and pull them door to door while they dig through their candy bags.

4. Hiking Backpack – I have an older version that is no longer available but there are a ton of different ones that you can get.  These are great with the flip out legs because if you toddler falls asleep and you want to rest you can still take it off and sit them next to you without having to take them out.  I also love that Charli can be all bulked up in a snowsuit and we can take her out for a walk in the snow.

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My kids LOVE the water and whether it is at the lake or the ocean we have a blast.  Some of our favorite activities to do as a family are:

1.  Paddleboading – Last summer we did this for the first time and I am hooked.  I took my middle son Reilly on a paddle board ride all around the lake and we both had so much fun.  I stood up while he just sat on the front enjoying the ride.

2. Canoeing & Kayaking – The boys are getting big enough to paddle which makes this so much more fun for mommy.  We love to paddle down the lake to the ice cream stand after dinner.  AND on the way back, I can burn the calories that I have just eaten :).

3.  Life Jacket – There are so many options for life jackets but this is a MUST HAVE when doing activities on the water.  Even though my children know how to swim, we have a rule that they cannot go down to the dock without a life jacket.  I love their puddle jumpers too because they keep them safe but give them more independence while swimming.

As a Children’s Photographer on the Seacoast in NH, I love to photography families doing what they love.  If you are interested in having me capture the memories of your family on their next adventure contact me today, I would love to chat with you.

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