Creating Wall Galleries with Your Newborn Family Photos


Your sweet, snuggly newborn won’t stay little forever. Professional newborn portraits will create a time capsule for you to return to as the years go by. You’ll always have your newborn photos to remember your tiny baby and let you hold onto that precious moment. After your newborn session, you’ll want to display these treasured portraits on the walls where you can enjoy them every day. Many of my clients want to create a gallery wall with their newborn family photos. 

Here are seven steps you can take to create your dream gallery wall!

7 Steps to Create Your Newborn Family Photo Gallery 

1.) Envisioning Your Gallery Wall – I know this might sound strange, but allow yourself to take a moment to envision your newborn family photo gallery wall. What does it look like? What story does it tell? How do you feel looking at it? Think about your answers as you move through the next steps. 

2.) Finding the Perfect Spot – Where would you like this gallery wall to be in your home? There’s no right or wrong answer! Some clients want their gallery wall over the couch in their living room, some in the dining room, and some love to see their beautiful portraits in the entryway. Look around your home and decide where you want these portraits to live.

3.) Your Home’s Style – What is your home’s style? Again, no right or wrong answer here! Having a style in mind will help us plan your session. If you’re unsure, try looking around your home to see what colors and decor you already have. I’m happy to help my clients think about their ideal style.

4.) Newborn Session – Now that we have the above steps planned out, we can head into the session with confidence that we’ll create your dream images. My signature newborn session style is laid back and baby-led. I have more information about working with a trained newborn photographer here.  

5.) Choosing Images – After the session, you’ll need to choose your favorite images and decide which ones will be framed and on the walls. The number of images will depend on the wall size and if you plan on growing the gallery wall over time. 

6.) Designing the Frames and Look – What style and color of frames would you like for your gallery wall? Consider the style of your home. Do you want something trendy or more classic that will stand the test of time? 

7.) Installation – This is the MOST important part of the process, and I’m NOT kidding! Don’t let these beautiful portraits sit around. Put them up within three days of their arrival. 

Full-Service Exeter, NH Newborn Photographer 

As a full-service newborn photographer, I take care of ALL of this for you. We’ll collaborate to dream up and create your gallery wall, and I’ll take care of all the moving steps to ensure this project is done. You deserve your dream gallery wall without any of the added stress. 

My full-service process includes

  • session planning
  • wardrobe
  • signature session experience
  • easy image reveal and ordering
  • designing your artwork
  • AND 
  • installing them for you! 

If you have any questions or wish to schedule your consultation, click here to schedule a time to chat on the phone!

xoxo, Jennie

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