Exeter, NH Birth Photographer | A Throw Back to My First Birth Photography Experience


This week a very special little man turned 6 YEARS OLD (how did that happen) and it brought be right back to the day he was born.  The Ev-Man not only has the coolest birthday, 8-9-10, but he has the best mommy ever!  She just happens to be my best friend!

This week the heat has been brutal and it took me back to the summer that Jill was pregnant with Evan.  I swear it was THE HOTTEST summer on record with multiple days in the 100’s.  For weeks, I had been on call and waiting for little man to arrive.  He gave us quite a few false alarms!  When that text came to tell me that her water had broke, I couldn’t get in my car fast enough.  I WAS SO EXCITED!

I arrived at Exeter Hospital that morning and was excited to join her support team which consisted of her husband, her parents and her in-laws.  It was a full house and her contractions were getting really strong!

 Exeter-Hospital-Birth-Photography, NH-Birth-Photographer, Seacoast-NH-Birth-Photography

Jill’s mom and I took turn rubbing her feet.  I had brought some trashy gossip magazines for her to read to help pass the time and her hubby played a little Ray Charles and brought her the cutest flower to her to use as a focal point.

 Exeter-Hospital-Birth-Photography, NH-Birth-Photographer, Seacoast-NH-Birth-Photography

As a NH Birth Photographer, I am not always asked to be in the room during the actual delivery and although I wasn’t in the room when he was born, I was right outside and could hear his little cry when he finally arrived!  A little past 7pm, Evan made his appearance and was the most alert baby I had ever seen.  I stuck around for the next hour to just soak him up and capture those first few moments of bonding with mommy and daddy.

 Exeter-Hospital-Birth-Photography, NH-Birth-Photographer, Seacoast-NH-Birth-Photography

I have had the amazing experience of being by my best friend’s side when she welcomed all three of her children into the world and I would love to be a part of your birth story.  If you or someone you know is looking for an Exeter, NH Birth Photographer please contact me today.

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