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These week marked yet another milestone here at our house.  We started the week with Kindergarten screening for my middle son Reilly and then yesterday had his LAST DAY of Preschool at The Exeter Day School.  The morning was full of lots of singing, goofing off and a few tears (by both his teacher and I).  Trying to get a photo of Reilly these days is tough because he is a typical 4 year old and THINKS HE IS HYSTERICAL!!! 

 Exeter-NH-Childrens-Photographer, Exeter Day School, Exeter-NH-Family-Photographer

I have given up trying to get that perfect smile and embrace the goofy!  He didn’t stop there and his whole “performance” at the school concert made me laugh out loud.  I swear that he is going to be on stage one day.  Those lips have made me smile since I first saw it in his ultrasound picture at 34 weeks!

 Exeter-NH-Childrens-Photographer, Exeter Day School, Exeter-NH-Family-Photographer

This year we were so lucky to have Mrs. Styles as a teacher.  She embraced Reilly’s crazy and just went with it.  Through his silliness she managed to teach him how to write his name, count and share her love of nature.  We will truly miss seeing her each day. 

Next year, as we move on to Kindergarten this will also be the first year that he and his “girlfriend” G will not be in his class…which is ok because she just “broke up” with him LOL.  She was willing to pose for ONE more picture with him but only with their fabulous teacher Mrs. Styles.  I just love these kids!

 Exeter-NH-Childrens-Photographer, Exeter Day School, Exeter-NH-Family-Photographer

Moments like this are the reason that I am so passionate about photographing children.  Time just goes by way to fast and your newborn will be heading off to Kindergarten before you can blink.

Contact me today if you are looking for an Exeter, NH Children’s Photographer, I am currently booking summer lifestyle sessions and would love to get to know your family and document your children’s milestones. 

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