The Birth Story of


Birth photography is the best investment I ever made! I captured becoming a mom and my husband becoming a dad by a professional photographer who knows what to capture and all the right angles. White Wave Photography will be the only birth photographer I use. I never knew she was in the room while I labored and I have every single important moment of that day documented forever. I never once thought, “Oh, I hope someone gets a picture of that” or “I need a copy of that picture”. My attention could be 100% on my son and the miraculous moment we became a family. The photos make me look incredible even after labor. Jennie made my husband and I so comfortable and my birth video is one of my most cherished possessions.

I am only ever hesitant about hiring Jennie at White Wave Photography to take pictures because my husband HATES pictures. However, Jennie has a magical way of making my husband feel comfortable. She keeps the pace fast and energy up so my husband doesn’t feel uncomfortable and he now looks forward to seeing her.

Ashley H

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