Kids Activities To Do at Home Seacoast NH

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Kids Activities Seacoast NH

Wow…that escalated quickly.  Over the past few weeks we have all needed to make some serious adjustments in our everyday lives to accommodate working from home, remote learning for our kids and keeping the kiddos busy all while practicing social distancing.  If you are anything like me – the first week was full of unknowns and the first thing you did was google Kids Activities to do at Home.  Well, let me save you some time and highlight a few of our favorite things.

#1 GET OUTSIDE & EXERCISE (NOTE: The beaches are now closed here on the NH Seacoast but many hiking trails are still open – these beach images were taken BEFORE the beach was closed) 

Whether your are just in your own backyard or choose to hike one of the many trails here on the Seacoast of NH, it is essential for everyone’s mental health to get outside and enjoy nature together.  We love to play with bubbles, kick the soccer ball around, draw with sidewalk chalk and hike the local trails.  Side Note: I busted my foot a week in and am in a boot – YUCKY – but STILL GETTING OUTSIDE daily for sanity:)

If you are looking for virtual fitness classes to do at home, check out the Exeter Area YMCA .They also have virtual art classes and STEM programs for the kids.

Outdoor Activity Resources:


Building projects are a great way to not only keep the kids busy but it helps them to problem solve.  Legos are a HUGE hit in our house and this is a great way to keep older children occupied while you jump on that conference call at your day job:).  Plus, if you get a big enough kit – they can do it together FOR DAYS ON END!  #MOMWIN

STEM Resources:


#3 Sensory Activities

Let’s be honest, keeping those youngest kiddos occupied is a challenge and expecting them to have the attention span of the older kids will lead to frustration.  Finding activities that they can do while just hanging out next to you while you work is key.  When we first got the word that daycare would be closed, I made a list of things that my daughter does on a daily basis and we stocked up on those supplies.  For example, I bought a big clear tub and filled it with orbeez and some sea creatures (and unicorns OF COURSE)…BOOM, instant sensory table.

Sensory Resources:

#4 Art Projects

Art is a BIG hit in our house.  We paint, we color, we draw and we take photos cause well duh…MOM IS A PHOTOGRAPHER.  This “Stained Glass Door Project” is something I saw people doing on Facebook and thought it was cool so this was our art project this week.  Yes, there was paint all over the floor; yes, I got frustrated with the mess; BUT you know what – THEY HAD A BLAST and it looks pretty cool too.

NOTE:  We just used what we already had which was washable paint and painting tape but some people say that 1/2 dish soap and 1/2 acrylic paint work really well.

Art Resources:


Finally, one of our favorite things is to bake – I mean heck we are in the house all day so NEED TO EAT.  Just yesterday my daughter got an easy bake oven and made me some chocolate cookies.  No, I will not be skinny by the end of all of this but cookies definitely make me smile (especially when baked by a 5 year old).


Kids Activities Seacoast NH

Now, let me be real – I am NOT a Pinterest Mom and I SUCK at baking but we are all doing things these days that we may not normally do.  Give yourself grace, enjoy as much as you can and just love on those babies!!!

Documenting this time is also going to be really important so that we can look back on some of the fun we all had while social distancing so I encourage you to snap pictures of your kiddos (and fur babies) along the way.  I am starting a 30-Day Photo Challenge to Celebrate Life this weekend and would love for you to join me.  There is not pressure – it is just a fun way to help find the joy in all of this.  If you would like to participate, head on over to join my private Facebook group to learn more and join the fun – White Wave Photography Moms Group.  Post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and tag you photos with #wwpjoyful30.

Looking for more Kids Activities?  Download my FREE Kids Activities Bucket List HERE.

xoxo, Jennie

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