Do You Want a Mini Session or a Full-Service Session?


The age-old question – mini session or full session? Both are great for different reasons; however, I wanted to share some pros and cons with you. You might think you are leaning towards one, but you might change your mind after reading this! 

If you’re still not sure and want to chat, send me a message here. I’m more than happy to answer. 

Pros and Cons of a Mini Session 

If you really just need a nice family photo for a Christmas card or other reason, mini sessions are handy. We still have a lot of fun, and clients love what we can come up with in 15 minutes!

You might want a mini session if you…

  • Just need that Christmas Card Photo
  • Are flexible with location and date 
  • Are fine doing all the prep on your own



Quick – Mini Sessions are usually about 15 minutes, and we move fast! You’ll be surprised at how many photos I can take during a mini session. 

Smaller Session Fee – Typically, a smaller session fee. To keep the fee smaller, mini sessions are usually held on a specific day and location.

Get The Christmas Card Photo – Usually, the goal of this session is to capture your family portrait, which is great if you just want that Christmas card photo. 



Focus is on the Family Shot – While the focus is to get the family portrait, you may miss out on capturing those precious candids or sibling shots. 

Warming Up – Usually, it’s okay, but if you’re worried about your kids warming up to the camera, 15 minutes might not be enough time! 

No Wardrobe Guidance – Mini sessions don’t normally include wardrobe guidance or session location choices. 

Pros and Cons of a Full Session 

Full sessions are how you document and display your family’s story for generations to come. We still capture that full family portrait during the session, but we capture everything in between as well. Your family will laugh and play together while I photograph every smile, laugh, and giggle. 

You might want a full session if you….

  • Are looking to capture your family 
  • Want all the planning and dress off your plate 
  • Dream of seeing your beautiful family portraits every day 



Family Can Warm Up to Photographer – Your family has a dedicated session with the photographer, so there is plenty of time to warm everyone up for photos! 

Location Options – You have a say in where and when your photos are taken. We can find a local spot or use my studio space. Check out my favorite fall family session locations in the Seacoast here. 

Candid Family Portraits – With the full session, the goal is to document your family’s love and personality. We’ll get a full family portrait as well as sibling portraits, children’s portraits, and so much more!

Pre-Session Support – I’m with you every step of the way throughout planning your full session. I’m there to offer wardrobe guidance (Client Wardrobe), tips and tricks, and anything else that you need before, during, and after your session. 



Different Session Fee – Yes, the session fee is higher, but now you can see why! Clients love my full-service experience. 

Your Full-Service Photographer in Newburyport, MA

There’s a place in my heart for mini sessions and full sessions, but there’s nothing like the magic of a full-service session! That’s where I get to take everything off your plate and deliver stunning portrait artwork you can treasure forever. If you’re interested in booking a full session with me, please send me a message here. 


Upcoming Limited Edition Mini Sessions:

xoxo, Jennie

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