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As a New Hampshire Birth Photographer, I am asked a lot WHY would someone want to have a photographer at their birth.  I have been wanting to share my reasons WHY but last night I received a beautiful letter from my last birth client and I thought it was a much better explanation.  Thank you Austin, Jimmy and Baby James for letting me be a part of your big day and I am so proud to be considered family.  And a HUGE thank you to the Nurses at Exeter Hospital for advocating for this mama and helping me to get into the operating room.  It was truly an amazing experience.

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When I told my husband I wanted to do Birth Photography he thought I was crazy and absurd for wanting to spend the money on it. But now that we have been through the process with Jennie he sees how priceless her photos are.

Our experience with Jennie will never be matched. She made the whole journey just that a wonderful and exciting journey while we waited for our son to arrive. The maternity sessions were so comfortable, relaxed and very organic I really love that about our photos. She got my husband to cooperate and they don’t look staged or posed.

Then came the birth photography, what a crazy ride that was! Jennie was on call waiting for our sweet boy to start the show. When it was finally time Jennie arrived at god knows what hour. She was there with her smile, excitement and camera. She took such great care of my husband and I while taking some pretty amazing photos. I ended up needing a C-section, and I was so sad because I didn’t think Jennie would be able to get photos of my husband with our son right after he was born. But we were so fortunate, that she was allowed in to the O.R. to take photos. I got to see my husband face when he saw our son for the first time. Among many others, that is a photo that truly is priceless to us. Jennie is priceless to us. She is such a beautiful person that truly loves what she does and it shows in all of her work. You will not only gain beautiful photos you will gain a family member. I know we have. She is stuck with us! I think we are so lucky to have Jennie in our lives to take photos of our family as we grow throughout the years. You will not ever be disappointed by the quality of her products or the authenticity of her work.

— Austin & Jimmy

The Birth Story of Baby James

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