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If you are a mom of multiple children, I can sympathize with you.  My 3 children may all be under 8 years old but their social calendar’s are full!  Whether it is baseball, playdates or school events, it can all be hard to keep track of.  Not to mention, as a New Hampshire Family Photographer, my schedule is jammed packed this time of year.  So, last year I implemented a “COMMAND CENTER”.  

 NH-Family-Photographer, NH-Secoast-Family-Photographer, Exeter-NH-Childrens-Photographer

Right in my kitchen where everyone can see it is this command center which includes a calendar, a chore chart and wall organizers (from Thirty-One of course) that the kids keep their homework and library books in.  Once my oldest started reading, it became his job to prep everyone else on “the plan of the day”.  (Yes, I know…he is type A just like me).  

 NH-Family-Photographer, NH-Secoast-Family-Photographer, Exeter-NH-Childrens-Photographer

Each family member has a different color so that they know which events on the calendar are thiers.  As mom – I HAVE ALL EVENTS – whether I am playing taxi to shuttle the kids around or just need to know where my husband is…this calendar keeps me sane!  I keep my own planner on my desk (because I like to write) as well as an electronic copy on my phone (still getting used to this).  

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