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It wasn’t until I had my 3rd baby that I got most of the items on the list below but believe me when I tell you – they made my life SO much easier.  When Charlianne came into the world 2 years ago, my big boys were already 5 and 3 so needless to say I had my hands full.  I was looking for things to have for this new baby to help keep her busy while I tended to her older brothers AND to help when we were running errands or attending her brother’s many baseball games.


1. The Tiny Love Sooth ‘n Groove mobile was a lifesaver for me.  Most mobiles only play music for about 5 minutes but this one plays for 40 MINUTES!  It was perfect for when I needed to give my older two a tubby and could lay Charlianne in her crib…sure enough she would be out cold by the time I was done.

 Southern-New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photography, NH-Newborn-Lifestyle-Photographer, NH-Birth-Newborn-Photographer

2. Rock ‘n Play – These are fairly new since I had my boys and it was great for her to lounge around in while I was cooking or outside when it was warm under a beach tent (see my summer must haves here).

 Southern-New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photography, NH-Newborn-Lifestyle-Photographer, NH-Birth-Newborn-Photographer

3. Ergo or Ergo 360 –  I LOVE MY ERGO.  I used it daily when Charli was a newborn and now that she is a toddler who is into everything, I still use it.  When she was a baby she loved snuggling into my chest and I could wear her out and about with the freedom of using my arms.  Now that she is older, she loves riding on my back.

4. Bob Stroller – You don’t need to be a runner to love this stroller.  It turns on a dime, is great in sand or on rough terrain and it is super easy to fold up to put in the back of your car.  Charlianne loves to snooze in it when we are at the beach in the summer time.

 Southern-New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photography, NH-Newborn-Lifestyle-Photographer, NH-Birth-Newborn-Photographer

5. Video Monitor – These are great especially when you are first transitioning your newborn into a crib.  I loved watching her settle into her crib and it gave me comfort knowing that she was safe.  Now that she is a toddler, I can talk into it when she is trying to climb out of her crib and she will lay right back down.  #mommywin

Whether you are a first time mom or this is your third time around, I hope these products are on your list of must-haves.

BONUS:  Newborn Photography – Of course I am going to say this is a must have!  The first few days after leaving the hospital are a whirlwind of learning everything there is to know about your new baby and just soaking up the quality time together. Bonding and watching their little personalities develop is such an amazing experience. I love to come to your home and capture these special moments whether they are snuggling, feeding, sleeping, getting a tubby or just sitting together as a family.

These moments pass by so quickly and it is important to capture these memories.  I am a Newborn Photographer in Southern New Hampshire who specializes in Newborn Lifestyle Photography and would love to document your newborn’s first few days whether it is at the hospital or in your home.  If you are interested in learning more or booking a session please feel free to contact me today. You can also sign up below to receive my NEWBORN CLIENT GUIDE.

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