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I am often asked my maternity and birth clients what they should bring to the hospital.  Each labor and delivery is different but I have put together a list of my “must-haves” for the hospital.

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Top 10 Must-Haves in Your Hospital Bag

  1. Chapstick – when you are in labor, your breathing is so important and with all that breathing through your mouth – YOUR LIPS WILL GET CHAPPED!
  2. Hair Clips or Elastics – no matter how long your hair is, in those final moments of labor it will drive you crazy if it is in your face so be sure to bring something to pull it back when the time comes to start pushing.
  3. Flip Flops/Slippers – when in labor you will want to walk around and after you deliver, if you are anything like me, your feet will be too swollen to wear regular shoes so flip flops and slippers come in handy
  4. Water Bottle – staying hydrated is very important for both a laboring and breastfeeding mom and I always bring my birth clients a camelbak water bottle to have at all times because the straw makes it so easy to hydrate
  5. Phone/iPad charger – there is nothing worse than having your phone go dead when it is time to call your family to let them know you are in labor – or when it is time to call your birth photographer to come capture the delivery of your baby
  6. Button down shirt & leggings – even though you just had a baby you will want to look cute for all of those great hospital photos – especially if you are having a Fresh 48 Newborn session while you are there.  A great button down and leggings will look good and have easy access for nursing.
  7. iPad or iPhone with a blue tooth speaker or headphones – music is so relaxing when you are in labor.
  8. Nail File & Mittens for Baby – those little nails come out SHARP and if you are nursing, trust me you will want them cut and filed ASAP.  Plus, the mittens will help them to not scratch their cute little faces.
  9. Soothies Gel Pads for Nursing – these are the BEST THING EVER!  If you are a nursing mom, throw these in the refrigerator and then stick them on after you nurse for instant relief
  10. FOR DAD – A Sweater or Sweatshirt – While your wife is in labor and super hot – you will be freezing.  As a birth photographer, I am always freezing because laboring moms are always hot and want the temperature in the room turned down.

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