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As a NH Children’s Photographer and mom of 3, I know just how much STUFF kids come with.  With the temperature warming up and school coming to an end next month, the amount of stuff that will be laying around my yard is amazing.  This past weekend, we spent a TON of time cleaning out the garage and basement and organizing all of the stuff.  My new favorite Mommy Must-Haves are great for the whole family and they will save you so much space.  

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The Rubbermaid FastTrack system which you can find at Lowe’s has been a lifesaver for me.   Here are 5 ways that I love to use this system:

1.  The Baskets – You can get these big basket attachments that can hold things like bike helmets, baseball gloves and balls and ice skates

2.  Cooler Hooks – These are great for hanging backpacks and any other type of bag with “stuff” in it.  Mine are mostly full of beach stuff and ski stuff.  We also use them for hanging out skis.

3.  The bike hook – This is not currently being utilized because the bikes are in use but this is great storage for our bikes in the winter time.

4.  The Multi-Purpose Hook – The really long hooks are great for hanging beach chairs and snow shovels.

5. 2-Handle Hook – For the kids, I hang bats from these;  for me, all of my gardening tools; and for my husband the garage brooms and shovels hang from these.

As you can see this system is so versatile and can be customized to meet your family’s needs.  Summer is coming so get out there and get organized so you can just grab what you need for your next adventure.

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