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Let’s face it, after having a baby we all crave to have that “pre-baby body” back.  In reality, our bodies are forever changed.  As a mom of 3, I can say that I look and feel completely different after having my babies BUT I also realize that health is WAY more important than having a bikini body.  After, having my 3rd baby 2 years ago (I still can’t believe that she is 2), I started working hard to get back in shape.  I started running…yes running which is crazy because I am not a runner.  After 2 years, I am STILL NOT A RUNNER.  I say I am a jogger.  No matter what your workout of choice is, I wanted to share with you some Workout “Mommy Must Haves” that have helped me to get back in shape.


Whether I am working out at the gym, going for a run or biking with my kiddos I ALWAYS have the following items with me:

  • Camelback Water Bottle – I have one with a straw because a trainer once told me that you can drink more water through a straw because your belly doesn’t get full of air.  With this water bottle, I find it easy to drink at least a gallon of water a day.
  • Fitbit – I try to track at least 7K steps before 10am because I sit a lot for work.  I also set a time on my fitbit to tell me to get up and move around because as a NH Maternity and Newborn Photographer, I spend a lot of time sitting on the computer editing images.
  • Headphones/Iphone or Ipod – I NEED MUSIC when I work out – so I use wireless headphones and have a Running Case for my iPhone so my tunes are always close.
  • Workout Clothing – A great pair of sneakers is a must-have and the RIGHT ones are important.  I suggest checking out Runner’s Alley in Portsmouth, NH and have them work with you to find the best sneaker to meet your needs.  I am thrifty so I get most of my work out clothes from Old Navy with my points and they always have to be on sale:).

Setting Goals and Accountability

Whether you want to lose ten pounds, get your blood pressure down or fit into those skinny jeans again, having a goal and holding yourself accountable are key.  This year my goal was to run a 10K and although it feels like I am a lifetime away from that goal, I WILL DO IT!  How you ask?  Because I set goals and have support:

  • A workout buddy – I love to just go for a walk with friends and family because it doesn’t feel like working out.  My friend Melissa from Melissa Lacasse Photography started walking with me a couple months ago at the Y and we “talk shop” and burn through 3 miles in no time at all!
  • Fitness Apps – My favorite are the 10k Trainer by Zen Labs, MyFitnessPal and MapMyRide


I also started eating better and living by the 80/20 rule of eating really clean 80% of the time and only splurging on those special treats 20% of the time.  There are two programs that have really worked for me and I lost 25 lbs. this year AND AM KEEPING IT OFF! 

  • Omnitrition – This program jump started me into living a more healthy lifestyle through a 21-42 day deep cleanse.  I saw results immediately and it was easy to follow.
  • 21-Day Fix – Following the 21 Day Fix food plan and utilizing the Beachbody Fitness Videos have helped me to keep the weight off

Summer is coming!  Let’s get outside and start moving.  Enjoy the sun with your kids and get in a little exercise at the same time.  I hope that you have enjoyed these tips and if you want to learn more “Mommy Must-Haves” please sign up for my monthly newsletter below.

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