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Today as I cleaned up the toy room at my house after “tornado Charli” hit, I had the great idea to share my organizing secrets with you all.  That led to a thought that I should start sharing more of my “mommy ticks” with all of you.  So here goes!  In honor of Mother’s Day, I am going spend the next two weeks sharing some of my favorites products, organizing tips and I may even throw in some cleaning tips (not that I have that many but I do love Pinterest!) 

As a mom of 3 kids with a husband who ships out and being a Seacoast NH Children’s Photographer, people are always asking my how I do it.  Well, the secret for me is that I am totally type A and am extremely organized.  Now, this does not mean that my house is always clean but I do have a place for everything.  So for Day 1 of this “Mommy Must-Have” series, I want to share with you 3 things that will help you better keep the toy room or family room in order.


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They key to great buckets and bins are to be able to see what is in them.  If you have toddlers at home, you know that they love to dump stuff.  BUT, if you have buckets and bins that they can easily fill and see into, they tend to help pick up a little bit easier.  The above are two of my favorites!  The one on the left is from Thirty-One (I have an addiction to these totes and organizing products).  The two filled with stuffed animals on the right are from the Land of Nod. Finally, the buckets below are just from the Dollar Tree and were $1 each!!!  These are PERFECT for kid because they can see in them easily and if they break them THEY ARE ONLY $1!!!!!!

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Hooks are my friend and the hooks from 3M are great!  Especially, because I can move them over and over again.  I am constantly moving things in my toy room around and with these 3M Command Utility Hooks, I can easily move the dress up clothes from one side of the room to another.  I also have them in my front hall for the kids backpacks and diaper bags.  I do have a dream of some day having a mudroom but this works for now.

 Seacoast-NH-Childrens-Photographer, NH-Family-Photographer, Toy-Room-Organization


With 3 kids, there is a LOT of artwork that comes home from school.  Especially during the holidays.  It breaks my heart to throw anything away but I have found a way to not only save my favorites but also decorate the toy room at the same time.  I put some of my favorites up on the walls using a cork board and a clothes line.  We rotate these constantly and then they never get sick of the room.  My kiddos get so excited to “hang up their new art”.

 Seacoast-NH-Childrens-Photographer, NH-Family-Photographer, Toy-Room-Organization

These are just a few of the things that I do to help keep me sane and I hope that they helped you.  If you would like to learn about more “mommy must haves” please be sure to sign up below for my monthly newsletter and follow me on Facebook to see how my kids are keeping me on my toes!

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