Stress-Free Pictures with Santa in Downtown Exeter, NH

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Do you remember meeting Santa? 

Meeting Santa is such a magical, memorable moment for a child! 

I remember my mom taking me to see Santa at the mall. We waited in a SUPER long line, and I was so nervous to meet Santa the whole time! I can’t even remember what I said to him, but it probably wasn’t what I had planned. It’s a little scary for kids because while they love Santa, meeting such a special person is a BIG moment. Some kids are shy and need a minute to warm up, but with the long line behind them, kids usually get, what, one full minute with Santa?!

As an Exeter family photographer, I wanted to create a better experience for your child and your whole family! The holidays are stressful for families, so let’s make this holiday season less stressful and more memorable with Private Pictures with Santa in my downtown Exeter, NH studio!


5 Benefits of a Private Santa Experience in Downtown Exeter, NH

1. Stress-Free Experience – This is a stress-free experience for you AND your child. There’s no dragging the family to a public event and waiting in a long line. No hoping the line moves a little faster while your kids get crankier and crankier waiting. The Santa Experience is an easy-breezy session experience. Once you book your session time, you just need to arrive shortly before your time to see Santa – that’s IT.

2. No Waiting – I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to stand around in a long line! I remember dreading taking my kids to a local event with Santa because I had no idea how long to expect. Would we wait 30 minutes? An hour!? TWO hours!? No idea. It caused me to feel more stressed, which made my kids stressed. With a private experience, you just show up for your time! NO waiting. 

3. Private Experience – I mentioned above that some kids are shy and need time to warm up to Santa. I would say most kids need a minute or two to warm up to Santa. It makes total sense! Santa is a stranger. One that they’re very excited about and brings them presents, but still, a total stranger! The Santa Experience gives your children an opportunity to warm up to Santa. After they warm up and feel relaxed, we get the best, most natural smiles.

4. Great for the Christmas Card – I think it goes without saying, but the image(s) from this session creates the BEST Christmas card photo! No more frantically going through photos on your phone trying to find a decent picture for the Christmas card. This. is. It!!

5. Treasured Memory for Your Children – Imagine being able to create a memorable experience for your children! Instead of remembering long lines or a stressed-out mom, they get to a magical moment with Santa that they’ll never forget, with images to remember it by.


Pictures with Santa in Downtown Exeter, NH

As a photographer AND mom of three, I wanted to create a pictures with Santa experience that your family will truly enjoy. Our Santa is AMAZING, and we can’t wait to meet your kids. I can’t wait to see your kids light up when they get to enjoy a peaceful moment with Santa.


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