Why Choose a Studio Baby Photographer to Capture Every Milestone

Why Choose a Studio Baby Photographer to Capture Every Milestone

Watching your child grow is one of the best and most rewarding experiences of your life! Yes, my three kids drive me crazy, but watching them grow into the people they’re meant to be is amazing. I’ll never forget holding each of my babies for the first time. I wanted to document everythinggg!

If you’re an expecting mama, I’m sure you plan on taking all the photos of your adorable baby to share with family and friends. What about each of your baby’s major milestones!? Don’t worry; there’s an option to help you document your baby’s biggest milestones without any of the stress. 

As your baby is growing, there are certain advantages to selecting a studio photographer. Here are some of the best reasons to consider an indoor studio session inside my Exeter studio

Sweet baby girl's six month sitter session

6 Reasons Why Studio Baby Photography is the Best

  1. Controlled Temperature to Keep Baby Comfortable 

The weather in the Portsmouth area can be very unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong, outdoor sessions are GORGEOUS if the weather cooperates, but within minutes, a sunny, warm day can easily drop fast, turn windy, and be uncomfortable for your baby. One of the most significant benefits of opting for a studio baby photographer is that you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather OR keeping your house clean for an in-home session. Your baby’s comfort and safety are the top priorities. In a controlled studio environment, your little one will be snug and secure, allowing the session to go smoother and the photos to look more natural. 

  1. Classic Backdrop to Focus on Your Baby

Studio sessions offer timeless and classic backdrops that add a touch of sophistication to your baby’s photos. Whether it’s soft pastels, a plain classic white where your baby is the center focus, vibrant colors, or elegant neutrals, you can choose from a variety of backgrounds that will make your baby the star of the show. 

These backdrops and props create a polished and professional look, ensuring your baby’s milestone moments are nothing short of amazing. I love working with families before our session even begins to get an idea of your vision and ideas so we can capture exactly the look you’re going for. 

  1. Your Baby is Safely Contained

As any parent knows, babies are incredibly active, curious, and, let’s be honest, unpredictable, especially as they get older and are more mobile. In a studio setting, your baby can explore and interact freely within a safe and controlled space. This ensures your baby stays secure while allowing me to capture those candid, sweet moments without any outside distractions.

  1. Stress-Free Experience

Hey, I LOVE outdoor sessions, too. Look at my social media and portfolio; you’ll see many outdoor portraits. However, an outdoor session adds a few additional layers, which can be fun but might be stressful with a baby. 

You won’t have to worry about finding the perfect outdoor location, obtaining special permits that can oftentimes be costly, weather-related mishaps, or lugging a load of props, strollers, blankets, etc. Everything is conveniently set up for you in the studio, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience! You just bring your baby and enjoy a special morning or afternoon together.

  1. Convenient Location

Studio baby photography is a great option because it offers a convenient location that is easily accessible for parents. You won’t need to travel long distances or brave harsh weather conditions to capture your baby’s milestones. Plus, if we have your session at home, you have to worry about cleaning and staging your home! Ditch the stress and let me handle the cleaning. This convenience factor allows you to focus on making the session memorable and enjoyable for your family. 

I love it when the families make a whole day of their special session, maybe grabbing lunch, shopping, going to a museum, or just soaking in every minute of our session. I have a lot of local recommendations of fun things to do around my studio, so just ask! I’d love to share all my favorite places. 

  1. Professional Equipment and Lighting

Studio photographers have top-notch gear and lighting setups that ensure your baby’s photos are nothing short of stunning. With outdoor sessions, shadows, and harsh lighting can be more difficult to control, and when time is of the essence with little ones, it’s nice to know all of that is taken care of. 

  1. Mom’s Documented Too!

As you snap photos of your cute baby during that first year, you’re likely the one behind the camera and not in front of it. With a professional studio session, we’ll ensure that you are photographed with your baby! You and your baby will treasure these images for years to come. My full-service process means your hair and makeup, and wardrobe are included in the session, so that’s even less to worry about!
baby photographer captures a six month milestone session

First Year Collective

The First Year Collective is a collection of 3-4 milestone sessions throughout baby’s first year. The big milestones sessions can include maternity portraits, newborn sessions, the 6-month “sitter” milestone, and the 1st birthday studio session. Once you book your First Year Collective, you’re all set! You can look forward to the baby photographer photographing all your baby’s major milestones.

PS – aren’t six month “sitter” sessions SO adorable!? The reason why these baby milestone sessions are perfect for the studio is because they can showcase your baby’s newfound ability to sit independently. It’s all about immortalizing their first giggles, curiosity, confident sit-ups, and mesmerizing gazes into the camera.

Luxury Baby Photographer In Portsmouth, NH

When it comes to capturing your baby’s precious milestones, a studio session offers SO many benefits. These sessions provide stunning photos you’ll cherish for years to come, all while ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety. Experience the countless benefits of studio photography with White Wave Photography. Let’s chat and make magic together if you’re ready to capture those precious family moments and create timeless memories. So, if you’re ready, let’s schedule a call today!

mom and baby have fun during a studio baby photographer session

Simple Studio Newborn Session | Baby Andrew

Simple Studio Newborn Session | Baby Andrew

Baby Andrew was one of my very first “Simply Baby” Sessions and he was such a joy to photograph.  Andrew’s mama and I went to college together and I it has been so much fun watching her become a mama and to photographer her two little men.  This little dude just turned ONE and although I would love to be photographing his one year session, it is safer during #socialdistancing for me share some of his simple studio newborn photography session from last year. Andrew started his session WIDE awake (just as most newborns do) and we captured some super cute expressions and even gave me a few grins.  Once he was wrapped up, he passed right out and was a dream to work with.

There is just something about the simplicity of a plain white onesie and a simple white background that I just love.  Baby details stand out and you really get to see their features up close and personal. If you have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE baby toes…like near obsession.  These simple sessions are a great way to capture the tiniest of feature like toes, finders, lips, hair and eyes.  These natural baby-led sessions are some of my favorites and I can’t wait to do more when we are allowed back in the studio.

Let’s be real – the last few weeks of isolation have been rough on everyone.  As a birth and newborn photographer, I have struggled not being able to support mamas and photograph these tiny little humans, so I will be sharing some of my favorite sessions over the next few weeks.  My heart goes out to all of the new mamas giving birth during this time.  I look forward to being back in the studio soon but for now, I wanted to share a few ways that I can help you during this time.

  • FREE Downloadable Guide taking Fresh 48 Hospital – Since I can’t be in the hospital with you these days photographing your sweet new babies, I wanted to come up with a way to help you document those first few days on your own. I have created a FREE Downloadable Guide taking Fresh 48 Hospital pictures of your own baby during social distancing in New Hampshire. Download your FREE Guide Here: https://bit.ly/WWP_5TIPS_Hospital Feel free to share with any of your friends/family who are expecting!
  • Online Community Support:  I have created a Private Facebook Group for Moms where we are currently doing a 30-Day Photo Challenge but it is also where I share a TON of online support for my mamas.  All of my birth colleagues have been sharing virtual education and support since this COVID-19 crisis and I have been sharing a TON of it in this group.  Check it out: White Wave Photography Moms Group
  •  Kids Activities to Do at Home:  For those of you with older kiddos, we are all adapting. New roles of teacher while also running a business has taken a bit of getting used to with 3 kids home now but we are making it work. Are your kids constantly saying that they are bored? Running out of ideas to keep them busy? I have got you covered. Check out this blog post that I did last week: Kids Activities to Do at Home Now, let me be real – I am NOT a Pinterest Mom and I SUCK at baking but we are all doing things these days that we may not normally do. Give yourself grace, enjoy as much as you can and just love on those babies!!!
  • Phone Consultations & Advice for Photographing your Newborn:  I am still doing phone consultations for spring & summer babies, but what if I JUST had a baby and want to get some photos.  Well, we can do a virtual session.  What I mean by that is that I will get on a call with you and give you tips and tricks to photograph your baby yourself (even if just with your phone).  I know it doesn’t replace a professional newborn session but at least your baby’s first few weeks will be documented.  If you are interested in learning more about these “virtual newborn sessions” contact me today.

Stay safe, keep smiling and I hope that some of these things help get you through these uncertain times and know that I am thinking of you all and sending virtual hugs.  (Seriously though – I cannot wait to HUG EVERYONE again!)

Studio-Newborn-Photography Studio-Newborn-Photography

Newborn Photography | Simply Baby by White Wave Photography

Newborn Photography | Simply Baby by White Wave Photography

Simply Baby

Limited Edition Newborn Studio Sessions

May and June 2019

 Newborn-Photography, NH-Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

Location: In-Home Studio in Newfields, NH

Limited Spots Available

I recently attended the most amazing photography expo and conference in Atlanta where I learned a lot and came home with a bunch of super cute new wraps, backgrounds and a few new baby bows.  In honor of my new in-home studio Newborn space finally being complete, I would like to offer this special Studio Newborn Limited Edition Photography Session.

 Newborn-Photography, NH-Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

Simply Baby Session Includes | $595

  • 90 minute session of baby only*

  • Two sets (white plus either pink or blue)

  • 8×8 Linen Book with 10 images

  • 5 Digital Images with a Print Release

  • Personalized Design Session


Simply Baby Sessions will be held mid-week at my in-home studio in Newfields, NH.  There is limited availability for these sessions so please click the link below to schedule a phone consultation today!

*Simple Baby sessions do not include sibling or parent shots.  If you wish to have siblings or parents in the photos, please contact me about booking a Fresh 48 or Lifestyle Newborn Session Separately.

New Hampshire Newborn Photographer | Top 3 Newborn Poses

New Hampshire Newborn Photographer | Top 3 Newborn Poses

Hi I’m Jennie and I LOVE babies! Their smell, wrinkly little toes and adorable chubby cheeks just light up my soul and make me run straight for my camera. Although I’ve photographed many different people and events over my 15+ year career, my favorite clients are the smallest clients, which is why I specialize in maternity, birth and newborn photography.

As a New Hampshire Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, I love to capture natural poses and real details of my tiniest clients.  Between 5-10 days is the optimal time to capture a newborn because they are still very sleepy and SO little. When photographing newborns, I have 3 main poses that I LOVE to get every time.

  1. Simpler Diaper or White Onesie

 New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer, Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

2. Baby Burrito

 New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer, Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

3. Details – Hair, Lips, Eyes, Toes, Hands – GIVE ME ALL THE BABY TOES!

 New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer, Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

If you are interested in learning more about a Lifestyle Newborn Sessions by White Wave Photography, fill out the form below to set up a FREE Phone Consultation today.  I would love to be a part of your Baby Story.

Birth and Baby Photographer in NH | Worth the Investment

Birth and Baby Photographer in NH | Worth the Investment

As a Birth and Baby Photographer located on the Seacoast of NH, I have the privilege of watching the babies that I photograph grow up. It is an honor to be invited into a birth space and I take that honor very seriously. To be present as a woman gives birth is amazing and when she asks you to continue that relationship and capture her son growing up, you get all the feels.

Thank you Ashley for the beautiful words to describe our time together and how much it means to you to have these photos printed to enjoy for a lifetime.

View The Birth Story of Samuel

I am always hesitant about hiring Jennie to take pictures only because my husband hates pictures. However, Jennie has a magical way of making my husband feel comfortable. She keeps the pace fast and energy up so my husband doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The only other hesitation comes in when talking about price. Photography is an investment and it can seem hard to justify cost before you hire White Wave Photography. However, the memories Jennie captured are truly priceless. She has a way of capturing us and our personalities during each session and season of life. 

My heart is instantly happy when I see my photos. I invest a lot in albums and am amazed at how the photos get more precious to me when I look at my albums. I must watch the birth video of my son at least monthly. Remembering the moment I became a mom (done by a professional!!) is one of the best gifts I have given myself. 

 Jennie has such a great energy. She is fun, creative, and flexible. When my son isn’t acting his best she has a way of working with his mood and delivering spectacular photos that capture him completely. Jennie has always been available to talk about outfit ideas or location ideas. She is so helpful to make sure I get what I had hoped for. The turn around time is so fast. 

 White Wave Photography is definitely worth the investment! My child is only a certain age once and it is amazing how fast the seasons of life go by. It is also amazing how fast you forget little nuances. Just looking at my photos reminds me what my son was into blowing raspberries for two months then one day he just stopped and was into something else. I have photos to remind me of that. 

Birth photography is the best investment I ever made! I captured becoming a mom and my husband becoming a dad by a professional photographer who knows what to capture and all the right angles. White Wave Photography will be the only birth photographer I use. I never knew she was in the room while I labored and I have every single important moment of that day. I never once thought, “Oh, I hope someone gets a picture of that” or “I need a copy of that picture”. My attention could be 100% on my son and the miraculous moment we became a family. The photos make me look incredible even after labor. Jennie made my husband and I so comfortable. My birth video is one of my most cherished possessions. 


Baby Sam is approaching his first birthday and I still can’t believe how fast it has gone by.

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

 Birth-Photographer-NH, Baby-Photographer-NH, Newborn-Photographer-NH, White-Wave-Photography

To learn more about Birth Stories by White Wave Photography or if you are interested in a Baby Plan, let’s chat! I would love to discuss the experience with you.