A Morning in the Flowers

A Morning in the Flowers

Dee and Sasha contacted me in early August to photograph their children and niece while they were vacationing in the lakes region of New Hampshire.  We discussed possible locations and when they suggested Beans and Greens I had no idea what to expect.  When I arrived, I was so excited when I saw all of the gorgeous flowers.  Then when the kids all piled out of the car, I was beaming because they were so stinking’ adorable!  This is one of those photo shoots that you just run home and want to edit right away.  I knew we had something special and I was right.

This little guy and I shared something special…DIMPLES!  We have matching dimples and when mom pointed it out, it was my mission to capture his REAL smiles, dimples and all.  SUCCESS!

Flowers, smiles, great wardrobe choice.  This session was a photographers dream and the kids were so well behaved that we were done in just shy of 45 minutes!  That has to be a record for a group of this size.

After we were done with the “formal” stuff, Dee looked at me and said “we weren’t planning on jumping in but can we?”  Absolutely!  And I am so glad that they did…lollipops and all.  I LOVE when I capture fun family moments like this.

This family was a blast to photograph them and I hope they call me again when they come back to the lake!  Thanks for sharing your family with me Dee and Sasha!