5 Best Apps for New Mamas

5 Best Apps for New Mamas

One of the perks of being a birth and newborn photographer is being up-to-date on all the latest and greatest must-haves for new parents. I wish some of this stuff was around when I was having my babies! The other month, I shared the BEST baby shower gifts for the mamas in your life. I used Instagram to crowdsource some of the answers and figured I would do it again with the best apps. 

These apps are helpful for tracking feeding, sleep, sharing photos, and keeping up with milestones! I knew most of these, but a couple came highly recommended by my Instagram fans. 

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Meet the Must-Have Apps for New Parents 

Here are the 5 must-have apps for new parents as they navigate the newborn phase! These aren’t in any particular order, so read through them and see if you think any will help you!


  1. Baby Feeding Log – This super simple newborn breastfeeding app helps you track every feed. Keeping a log of the feeds will make sure your baby is eating enough and is easy to share the information with the pediatrician. They will ask how much the baby is eating at every appointment and you’ll have the answer! Download the app.


  1. Baby Tracker – This is the next level from the Baby Feeding Log app! This tracks feedings, diapers, and milestones. You can make sure the baby is eating enough and producing the right amount of diapers! No more wondering or trying to remember. Download the app.


  1. Huckleberry – Meet the sleep expert in your pocket! This app helps you track your baby’s sleep and receive expert sleep guidance. Instead of guessing if the baby is ready for sleep, the app will actually tell you the sweet spot to lay the baby down. It’s super well designed! This one was recommended a few times on Instagram! Download the app.


  1. TinyBeans – If you’re wanting to share photos of your sweet baby with family and friends, but don’t want to post them all on social media, this app takes care of that! You can upload photos to privately share with your loved ones. They can download the app as well or simply sign up for email digests of recent photos. Download the app.


  1. Wonder Weeks – Why does baby seem fussier than normal? What’s baby learning this week? This app answers all that and more! You enter some information about your baby and this app calculates your baby’s development schedule.  It will tell you when baby is entering a development leap and what signs to look for. This is a game-changer! Download the app.

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Capturing the Newborn Phase 

These apps all promise to help make the newborn phase (and beyond) easier. While the newborn phase is anything but easy, it really is such a special time that goes by way too fast. Investing in newborn photography and booking earlier will help you slow down and capture this season of your family. I’d be honored to be part of your journey – drop me a message and let’s talk about your newborn session. 

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