Salem Birth Cottage | Birth Photography

Salem Birth Cottage | Birth Photography

We truly have incredible birth resources right here at our fingertips! The Salem Birth Cottage is an amazing birth center that supports mamas throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am excited to share Baby A’s birth images with you.

First, I want to share more about the Salem Birth Cottage, and why you might consider giving birth there. Then, I’ll share more about birth photography in general!

Why Choose Salem Birth Cottage

The Birth Cottage offers a free-standing birth center experience and has two locations in Milford, NH, and Salem, NH. They provide full midwifery services to care for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. This center is cozy and relaxing with a home-like setting that is perfect for giving birth. If you want a water birth in New Hampshire, the Birth Cottages are some of the only facilities that offer this type of birth! I love that they focus on educating and empowering their mamas for the best experience. 


Salem Birth Photography 

The birth of your baby is the most important day of your life, but it’s also the craziest and can be hard to remember all those little details. By having a birth photographer with you, you can trust that those special little moments will be captured along with the most important moment – meeting your sweet baby. 

You might want to have your partner take photos with their phone. However, don’t expect your partner to be able to take photos either. Birthing partners need to be able to focus on the mother and not worry about snapping photos. You also don’t want the moment you meet your baby trapped on a phone. This is a moment you want professionally captured. Investing in birth photography offers professional photos that you can treasure forever. 

Your Salem Birth Cottage Birth Photographer 

If you’re thinking about giving birth at the Salem Birth Cottage, you’ll want a photographer with experience at that location. It’s important that your birth photographer has a relationship with your entire birthing team to take the very best photos possible. I’d love to capture the day your family grows! Let’s set up a time to chat and see if I’m a good fit for you.