Fall Family Photography | 5 Tips for a Successful Portrait Session

Fall Family Photography | 5 Tips for a Successful Portrait Session


YOU (mom) need to mentally prepare…to HAVE FUN! Kids (and dads) may not always cooperate and that is ok – I HAVE YOU COVERED. If you are stressed, the kids will be stressed so just relax and have fun. Going with the flow will ensure that we have a blast and capture those amazing memories. Typically, men don’t enjoy the photo session, but a bad mood can spoil it for everyone. Emphasize how important these memories are to you. Dads are great at playing with the children and that’s what they should be prepared to do. It’s the same fun they always have, but just all dressed up. Once he sees the photos with his real smile and the smile that he can add to those sweet faces, he’s sure to fall in love.  Try This: Have him help you come up with some fun ideas for the session or choose the jokes for the kids. The more invested he is in the experience, the better.


When choosing a location it is important that you choose a place that your family will enjoy.  Whether that is an apple orchard, a park or your own backyard, it should be a place that means something to you as a family.  Some of my favorite locations for fall sessions are Wagon Hill in Durham, Vernon Family Farm in Newfields and Fort Foster in Kittery.  The beach makes for an amazing backdrop in the early fall since the crowds have left and the temperature is still warm but cool enough that you are not sweating in the photos.


Fall in New Hampshire can be very unpredictable.  One day it is 75 and warm and the next day there are morning flurries.  By dressing in layers, your family can be prepared for any changes in the weather.  Add a scarf, vest or jacket that coordinate to add pops of color to your wardrobe choices.   View the full What to Wear Guide.

#4 GIVE BREAKS & Ignore the kids (say what?!?!)

We play a LOT during my sessions and kids love it. We will warm up with some games and I promise to get those sweet smiles you are looking for. The key is to IGNORE THE CHILDREN. I know, it sounds crazy but when parents are looking down trying to get little Johnny to smile, they end up ruining the shot. Kids love this rule and when I say it – they tend to LOVE ME and I promise I will get them to look when needed. Have fun and enjoy your kids – even when something unexpected happens…do everything with a smile:).

#5 THINK AHEAD: How can you use these photos for presents?

Fall Portrait Sessions are a great way to get some of your holiday shopping done early.  Grandparents LOVE photos of their grandchildren and they make the perfect Christmas Gifts.  One great idea is to split up a wall gallery into one to hang in your own home, one for Grandma and one for Nana.   Get some ideas for gifts here.

We also offer a great assortment of custom designed Christmas Cards.

Have the leaves started to change and you are wondering if I have any dates open?  Contact me today and let’s get something on the calendar.