The Importance of Printing Your Children’s Photos

The Importance of Printing Your Children’s Photos

Think of a cherished moment with your children. Was it a day at the beach? A picnic in the park? Or maybe it was reading together before bed. If you close your eyes, can you remember the scene? Maybe if you open your phone, you can scroll through photos and find some fun recent memories. 

The problem with this is that you have to stop and think about a cherished moment with your children and spend time digging through your phone to find the picture that correlates with the memory. 

Professionally printing your children’s photos and displaying them throughout your home allows you and your family to enjoy those memories every single day as part of your life. You get to love on your family artwork each morning as you head into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. 

Let me share why displaying your family’s portraits throughout your home is so important and how it creates your family legacy. 

Dover family photographer Jennie Bishop shares why it's important to print your children's photos

Dover, NH family photographer Jennie Bishop shares why you should print your children's portraits and how to display them on the wall

Displaying Family Portrait Artwork in Your Home 

We’re in a world where we all have thousands of photos on our phones and computers, yet little to none hang on the walls. Having access to take and store so many photos is an incredible gift that many of us take for granted.  While having thousands of photos in our pocket is amazing, it’s more important than ever to display your family photos on the walls of your home. 


Displaying your children’s portraits on the wall creates an experience that everyone who enters your home will enjoy. You’ll have a daily reminder of your children at the age of their portraits, and you’ll be instantly transported back to fond memories with them. 

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Creating Your Family Legacy Through Printed Photos

Do you have any photos of your grandparents as children? Maybe you have one or two to cherish, but imagine your grandchildren being able to look at albums and printed artwork of their parents. Your family’s story is captured and shared through photographs that will last forever. Your printed family artwork becomes part of your legacy to pass on to future generations. 

You hope your digital photos can be passed down, but there are downsides to this. Flash drives can get lost and passwords to cloud photo storage can get lost! Besides, how often are you firing up your old flash drive of photos to show someone? You want your most precious family portraits printed in artwork or in albums that you can actually hold in your hand.

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Your Professional Family Photographer 

It’s so important to partner with a trusted professional family photographer to capture, and print, your family portraits each year. Big box stores just don’t have the quality and expertise to help you create the printed family artwork that will stand the test of time. If you’re interested in working with me, let’s set up a time to chat! Not ready to chat, no worries! I invite you to join hundreds of other seacoast moms on my email list. 

why you should print your children's portraits and display them in your home