Why Schedule Your York, ME Family Photos Now

Why Schedule Your York, ME Family Photos Now

I don’t know any mama who doesn’t want family portraits, yet it’s one of the “to-dos” that’s easily pushed off. Why is that? Because we’re so busy and it feels like a lot of work! Many Newburyport families will reach out in the fall because they have Christmas cards on their minds. Scheduling your family photos now means you can enjoy your family portraits even faster. 

I’d love to share why you should schedule your family photos now and how my full-service family photography process makes it a great experience!

Why Schedule Family Photos Now for the Best Experience 

Beat the Crazy Fall Family Photo Rush – Fall is busy for family photographers! (and we love it!) Everyone wants to get that perfect family photo for their Christmas card and to hang on the wall before the holiday season. Unfortunately, fall tends to be really busy for families too! Kids are starting school, fall sports are in full swing, and everything in between. If you schedule your portraits in the summer, your family will have less on the schedule, and I have more availability before the fall rush. 

Stress-Free Family Photo Experience – My goal is ALWAYS to create a stress-free family photo experience. Your whole family will love your portrait session. I even have 4 tips for a stress-free family photo session right here for you. However, I’ve noticed that my families feel more relaxed in the summer. There’s something wonderful and carefree about spending a summer day taking portraits with your family! 

Natural Summer Glow – Your family will always look just perfect. But just think – summer portraits mean your family will have a natural summer glow from spending time outside! 

Wear Summer Clothes – I personally love summer attire for family portraits. You’ll always look at these portraits and feel happy summer vibes. Not sure what to wear? Check out my guide on what to wear for summer family photos. 

Enjoy Your Portrait Artwork Faster – It’s no secret that printing and displaying your family photos is good for your children. Your children will love seeing their photos on the walls and feel secure in their place in the world.  If we take your family portraits this summer, we’ll be able to display your artwork faster than in the busy fall. You’ll have beautiful photos to show off during the holiday months (and beyond!).

why take your family photos now

Full-Service Family Photographer near York, ME

My full-service family photography process handles all of the planning and details for you and your family. You don’t have to stress about finding a location, choosing what to wear, or even how you’re going to use your images. I’ll guide you through the entire seamless process so that you end up with family portrait artwork that you’ll love forever. 

Ask me any questions or schedule your call with me here.

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How to Make Your Family Photography Session FUN for the Kids

How to Make Your Family Photography Session FUN for the Kids

You are excited about your family portraits and looking forward to seeing your family artwork displayed throughout your home. The best tip for ensuring you have a successful family photography session? Make sure it’s FUN! 

As an experienced family photographer, I’ve truly seen it all! You can trust a professional, like me, to get the best shot of your family no matter what. However, following these tips will help make sure your whole family has fun during the session AND helps us get great smiles. 

tips for a successful family portrait session in Newburyport, MA

7 Tips for a Great Family Photo Session


  1. Choose a Fun Location

Choosing a fun location is key! If your family loves the beach, let’s go to the beach! Have a favorite park? We can go there. If you’re dreaming of a studio family portrait, we can definitely make my studio fun!

Some of my favorite locations are:

Maudslay Park in Newburyport, MA (pictured here)

Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, ME

Great Island Common in Newcastle, NH

Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH

Newburyport Family Photographer

  1. Dress Right Before the Session 

I can do wonders with photoshop, but if there’s a spill or crease on someone’s outfit it’s really tough to make that look nice in the portrait! My best tip is to dress right before as best as you can. If we’re at my studio, you can dress or put on the final touches there. If we’re meeting at a park, we’ll do the best we can!  Planning a spring session?  Check out the latest BLOG post on What to Wear for Spring Family Photography Sessions.

outdoor family portraits near Newburyport, MA

  1. Leave Phones in the Car 

Or at least silenced and put away! We don’t want your phone or tablet to become a distraction in any way during the session. Put them away and let’s have some fun! 

family photographer near me in Newburyport, MA

  1. Play Music

Speaking of fun, let’s have some fun with music! If there’s a song or playlist that your family loves, let’s play it for some happy vibes. Spontaneous dancing is welcome during the session and makes for fun photos. 

how to make your family photography session fun

  1. Play Games

Bonus, if you can bring a ball or frisbee. Playful shots of the family playing are sometimes the best ones. We’ll make sure to take family portraits, but so many of my clients end up loving the candid shots the most! 

tips for a fun outdoor family photoshoot

  1. Let Your Kids PLAY

Yes, let them play! The old way of standing completely still for portraits is long gone. Those types of portraits are totally fine but don’t show off everyone’s personality and joy. Letting your kiddos romp around allows me to capture them as their true, playful selves!

outdoor family photo session near Newburyport, MA

  1. Bring Snacks for AFTER

Trust me, I know how hungry these sessions can make kiddos. Please do bring snacks, BUT I recommend that you wait until after the session is over. A bonus tip would be to bring a fun snack or picnic to celebrate the photos.


Family photographer Jennie Bishop of White Wave Photography shares tips for a great family photoshoot

Schedule Your Family Portrait Session

I would love to be your family photographer! I’m honored that so many of my clients’ come back to me again and again so I can watch them grow! Interested in scheduling your family portrait session? Click here to chat! 

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