5 Reasons to Book Your Extended Family Photoshoot in Portsmouth, NH

5 Reasons to Book Your Extended Family Photoshoot in Portsmouth, NH

Getting your entire family together is such a special treat that always goes by way too fast. How often have you spent time with family and then afterward wished you had taken a photo? Or you did take a photo, but the image didn’t quite turn out the way you hoped. As a Seacoast family photographer, I’m extremely passionate about generational family photography. 

If you’re reading this, it means you’re thinking about scheduling an extended family photoshoot near Portsmouth, NH. Not that you need any more reasons, but I’d love to share the top five reasons why you NEED to book this special photoshoot. Any questions? Let me know here. 

Five Reasons to Have an Extended Family Photoshoot 

1. Professional Image that Looks Amazing – Hey, I LOVE that our smartphones give us the ability to snap a decent picture to hold the memory. If I had to choose between a bad smartphone picture or NO picture, I would say use the phone! However, how many times have you taken a smartphone picture and hated how the image turned out? Maybe it was blurry, the lighting was weird, or someone wasn’t looking… it’s frustrating! Booking a professional extended family photoshoot ensures that you end up with a high-resolution, edited image that everyone will love.

2. Document Your Extended Family – Your extended family photoshoot documents every member of your family. You’ll be able to see the different generations in your family visually. Holding everyone in one photo will be a precious treasure to hold onto for many, many years!

3. Create Beautiful Artwork – You would never leave these images on a flash drive! These images deserve to be printed in beautiful custom artwork. We can help each family display and cherish this image by creating a wall art piece that complements each home or putting together an heirloom album that tells your family’s story.  

4. Gift for Future Generations – Imagine being able to pass down your family’s history. You can with your heirloom portrait artwork from your extended family photoshoot. Your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will be able to know and remember their family. 

5. Memorable Experience – The truth is that a lot of times, when we gather together, it’s for a purpose. The purpose could be for holidays, weddings, graduations, funerals, etc. However, the purpose of this session will be to document your family. Your entire family will have such an enjoyable time during the photoshoot and always look back at their portrait artwork with a smile while they remember that fun day!

Portsmouth, NH Extended Family Photoshoot

Capturing your extended family and documenting the different generations in your family is a gift to yourself and future generations. I know how much love and care goes into coordinating and planning a multi-family photography session which is why I’m here to help you every step of the way! If you’re thinking about booking an extended family photoshoot, let’s chat during a free Discovery call. 

Any general questions or concerns? Send me a message here. 

seacoast multi family photoshoot

taking multi family photos

Why Schedule Your York, ME Family Photos Now

Why Schedule Your York, ME Family Photos Now

I don’t know any mama who doesn’t want family portraits, yet it’s one of the “to-dos” that’s easily pushed off. Why is that? Because we’re so busy and it feels like a lot of work! Many Newburyport families will reach out in the fall because they have Christmas cards on their minds. Scheduling your family photos now means you can enjoy your family portraits even faster. 

I’d love to share why you should schedule your family photos now and how my full-service family photography process makes it a great experience!

Why Schedule Family Photos Now for the Best Experience 

Beat the Crazy Fall Family Photo Rush – Fall is busy for family photographers! (and we love it!) Everyone wants to get that perfect family photo for their Christmas card and to hang on the wall before the holiday season. Unfortunately, fall tends to be really busy for families too! Kids are starting school, fall sports are in full swing, and everything in between. If you schedule your portraits in the summer, your family will have less on the schedule, and I have more availability before the fall rush. 

Stress-Free Family Photo Experience – My goal is ALWAYS to create a stress-free family photo experience. Your whole family will love your portrait session. I even have 4 tips for a stress-free family photo session right here for you. However, I’ve noticed that my families feel more relaxed in the summer. There’s something wonderful and carefree about spending a summer day taking portraits with your family! 

Natural Summer Glow – Your family will always look just perfect. But just think – summer portraits mean your family will have a natural summer glow from spending time outside! 

Wear Summer Clothes – I personally love summer attire for family portraits. You’ll always look at these portraits and feel happy summer vibes. Not sure what to wear? Check out my guide on what to wear for summer family photos. 

Enjoy Your Portrait Artwork Faster – It’s no secret that printing and displaying your family photos is good for your children. Your children will love seeing their photos on the walls and feel secure in their place in the world.  If we take your family portraits this summer, we’ll be able to display your artwork faster than in the busy fall. You’ll have beautiful photos to show off during the holiday months (and beyond!).

why take your family photos now

Full-Service Family Photographer near York, ME

My full-service family photography process handles all of the planning and details for you and your family. You don’t have to stress about finding a location, choosing what to wear, or even how you’re going to use your images. I’ll guide you through the entire seamless process so that you end up with family portrait artwork that you’ll love forever. 

Ask me any questions or schedule your call with me here.

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Do You Want a Mini Session or a Full-Service Session?

Do You Want a Mini Session or a Full-Service Session?

The age-old question – mini session or full session? Both are great for different reasons; however, I wanted to share some pros and cons with you. You might think you are leaning towards one, but you might change your mind after reading this! 

If you’re still not sure and want to chat, send me a message here. I’m more than happy to answer. 

Pros and Cons of a Mini Session 

If you really just need a nice family photo for a Christmas card or other reason, mini sessions are handy. We still have a lot of fun, and clients love what we can come up with in 15 minutes!

You might want a mini session if you…

  • Just need that Christmas Card Photo
  • Are flexible with location and date 
  • Are fine doing all the prep on your own



Quick – Mini Sessions are usually about 15 minutes, and we move fast! You’ll be surprised at how many photos I can take during a mini session. 

Smaller Session Fee – Typically, a smaller session fee. To keep the fee smaller, mini sessions are usually held on a specific day and location.

Get The Christmas Card Photo – Usually, the goal of this session is to capture your family portrait, which is great if you just want that Christmas card photo. 



Focus is on the Family Shot – While the focus is to get the family portrait, you may miss out on capturing those precious candids or sibling shots. 

Warming Up – Usually, it’s okay, but if you’re worried about your kids warming up to the camera, 15 minutes might not be enough time! 

No Wardrobe Guidance – Mini sessions don’t normally include wardrobe guidance or session location choices. 

Pros and Cons of a Full Session 

Full sessions are how you document and display your family’s story for generations to come. We still capture that full family portrait during the session, but we capture everything in between as well. Your family will laugh and play together while I photograph every smile, laugh, and giggle. 

You might want a full session if you….

  • Are looking to capture your family 
  • Want all the planning and dress off your plate 
  • Dream of seeing your beautiful family portraits every day 



Family Can Warm Up to Photographer – Your family has a dedicated session with the photographer, so there is plenty of time to warm everyone up for photos! 

Location Options – You have a say in where and when your photos are taken. We can find a local spot or use my studio space. Check out my favorite fall family session locations in the Seacoast here. 

Candid Family Portraits – With the full session, the goal is to document your family’s love and personality. We’ll get a full family portrait as well as sibling portraits, children’s portraits, and so much more!

Pre-Session Support – I’m with you every step of the way throughout planning your full session. I’m there to offer wardrobe guidance (Client Wardrobe), tips and tricks, and anything else that you need before, during, and after your session. 



Different Session Fee – Yes, the session fee is higher, but now you can see why! Clients love my full-service experience. 

Your Full-Service Photographer in Newburyport, MA

There’s a place in my heart for mini sessions and full sessions, but there’s nothing like the magic of a full-service session! That’s where I get to take everything off your plate and deliver stunning portrait artwork you can treasure forever. If you’re interested in booking a full session with me, please send me a message here. 


Upcoming Limited Edition Mini Sessions:

Perks of Spring Family Photos | Exeter, NH

Perks of Spring Family Photos | Exeter, NH

There is nothing quite like spring! It’s a new season, the sun is shining (hopefully), and everywhere you look, there is no more snow! Okay, so there are a lot of reasons to love spring. Can I share one more? It’s a great time to take your family portraits!

The abundance of spring sunshine means we all get our much-needed vitamin D! This is why people experience a mood booster with the additional daylight, and they feel happier! What a perfect time to take a family portrait. 

Not convinced? I offer my five favorite reasons next!

spring family portraits in NH and ME

Five Perks of a Spring Family Portrait Session

1. Gorgeous Blooms – As you can see, springtime offers sweet blooms for the perfect backdrop for your family portraits. I know all the best locations in the Seacoast area to find the perfect spot. Imagine your family portrait on the wall with the sweet happiness of spring! You’ll feel happier all year by just admiring it. Siblings pose for their spring portraits on the Seacoast

2. Spring Sunsets – In spring, the days are getting longer than winter, so your session will likely start an hour or so before sunset, which is around 5:30 pm. There is something magical about spring sunsets, in my opinion. It’s like your seeing beautiful sunsets for the first time! It’ll create beautiful lighting for your portraits!

3. Your Kids Are Ready to Play – After being cooped up all winter, your kiddos are ready to get out and do something fun. Trust me, family portrait sessions are a blast! Not only that, you’ll look at your kids this spring and wonder how they’ve grown so fast. Now is the time to capture their essence to treasure forever. 

4. Spring Outfits – I actually really love spring outfits for a family portrait session! The temperature is at the perfect in-between, so it feels warmer, but we’re not experiencing the summer heat. I tend to love neutrals with complimentary cheery colors such as whites, pinks, greens, and blues for spring sessions. All my family sessions include wardrobe guidance, but if you’re interested in more, I have an entire blog post dedicated to what to wear for your spring portraits here

5. Just in Time for Mother’s Day – What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Portrait artwork of their beautiful families to enjoy every day. If you’re a mom, this might be the perfect reason to go ahead and schedule your family session. Or, you can send this to your partner for a major hint. 😉

spring blooms make for beautiful family portrait backgrounds

Spring Family Seacoast NH Photographer 

Honestly, I love capturing your family’s portrait all year long and in the studio, but there is something just lovely about a spring family session! Everyone is happy and ready to play in the sun, resulting in gorgeous portraits of your family. If you’re interested in learning more about me, let’s schedule a time to chat

Otherwise, if you’re a Seacoast mama, I’d love to have you in my online community. It’s a growing resource with tips, support, and expert advice on all parenting topics. You can join it here.


How to Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera

How to Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera

You might be surprised to hear this, but I’m not always comfortable in front of the camera. My passion is taking your family photos for you to treasure forever; however, I may feel nervous when it’s my turn. 

Believe it or now, it’s common to feel nervous before a portrait session. Unless you’re a celebrity, you might not have your portraits taken very often. You may need to get yourself in the right headspace and be excited to have your picture taken. 

Here, I’ll share five tips to help you relax, feel comfortable, and confident so that you end up with photos that you LOVE. 

5 Tips for Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera 


1.) Pamper Yourself – This is a wonderful opportunity to pamper yourself so that you feel beautiful and confident before your session. Book hair and makeup the day of the session, so you don’t have to stress. My only recommendation is not to try a completely different look that day. If you don’t have time that day, get your nails done a few days prior. Take some time for you! 

2.) Plan Your Outfits –  Feel prepared for your session by having everyone’s outfits ready to go. I have multiple articles on what to wear for spring, summer, or fall. If everyone has an amazing outfit ready to go, you’ll feel much better and more relaxed!

3.) Choose a Meaningful Location – I highly recommend choosing a session location that’s meaningful to you! You’ll feel comfortable and excited going to the location for your shoot. It’s totally normal to feel shy taking photos if there are other people around, but we’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice. 

tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera

4.) Make it Fun! – This is your time to look amazing and laugh with your family! There will be lots of giggling and laughing during the session. It’s okay to be goofy! In fact, it’s strongly encouraged. We’ll crack jokes or tell funny stories to get everyone smiling naturally. It should feel like you’re having the best time with your people!

5.) Find the Right Photographer – This is the most important tip, my friend. You need to find the right photographer for you! Someone whose work you like and you feel comfortable with. You need one who you can ask for help choosing your outfits and location, as well as someone who genuinely cares about your portraits! 

Family Photographers Near Newburyport, MA

Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera so you end up with portraits you will adore! I’m honored to work with my families again and again because we end up feeling like old friends after the session. I’m here to guide you through the entire portrait process so that you feel at ease and relaxed. If you’re interested in booking a session, book a quick phone call with me to see if we’re the right fit!