Multi-Generation Family Portraits | Rye, NH

Multi-Generation Family Portraits | Rye, NH

Multi-generation family portraits are a beautiful way to preserve your family’s history to be passed on for many generations to come. Photography has come a long way over the past century, so while many of us don’t have photos of our great-grandparents and relatives, now we have an incredible opportunity to capture generational family portraits through family photography. 

As a newborn photographer, I’m privileged to capture a baby’s first professional portrait. I get to meet this new baby and wonder what she will look like as she grows up and what she’ll do with her life. As a multi-generational family portrait photographer, I meet families and learn their stories as I capture the portrait that will carry on the legacy. It’s pretty amazing. 

When I meet with a potential generational family portrait client, the objection that I usually hear is that they’re worried about coordinating such an event. Let me share a few tips for planning a multi-generation family portrait! 

Planning a Multi-Generation Family Portrait

Decide Why – First, decide why is this important to you. It may seem silly to think about this, but having a clear why will help you plan the rest of the steps. Is this important for you to preserve your family’s story? Show off your beautiful family in your home? Decide this and write it down if you’d like to have a visual of your why!

Choose Heirloom Portrait Artwork – Now that you have your why let’s talk about the what! What will you display after the session? Are you dreaming of a family gallery wall? Or every family member displays the same portrait in their home? Perhaps you want an album with each family along with the multi-generational portrait. The important thing is that you have a plan for these special portraits. Don’t let these sit on a flash drive or social media. These deserve a special place in your home!

Get the Whole Family On Board – Now that you have the why and the what, we need to get the who involved! It’s time to get the entire family on board with this portrait session. If you run into any resistance, you can share your why and what. You can say this is important that you preserve the family legacy, and you want every family member to receive a framed portrait. It’s much easier to get everyone on the same page!

Plan the Date Accordingly – The tricky part may be scheduling the date, especially if you have family members living out of town. Start with what dates work for you and see if you can find one that works for everyone. Some families coordinate this with a big milestone such as a major anniversary or other family events. You don’t have to, but it could be an option. 

Wardrobe – Lucky for you, I have resources on what to wear for spring photos, fall photos, and summer photos. I offer wardrobe guidance for all my clients. My general rule of thumb is to keep it simple and natural for timeless photos. 

Find a Photographer You Trust – Finally, find a photographer that you can trust with such a special portrait session. This is definitely not the image you take with a phone or a friend with a camera. You’ll want a professional photographer to guide you through the planning process with ease and can handle managing multiple families at once. 

Seacoast Generational Family Portrait Photographer 

Family photography is more than just taking a photo; it’s preserving your family’s legacy. My stress-free portrait process means that once you book with me, I handle all the details for you. As Professional Photographer, I have the skills and techniques to make sure that each member of your family feels cared for throughout the session.

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