Making Your Home Birth Comfortable | Mary’s Home Birth

Making Your Home Birth Comfortable | Mary’s Home Birth

There are a lot of reasons why families choose a home birth over a hospital birth. From lower medical interventions to more freedom to move during the birth process to avoid the loud, sterile hospital, the list goes on! I really love the ability to have as many friends and family members around as you are comfortable with; including your other kiddos. 

As a motherhood and birth photographer, I’ve been honored to attend many home births. I would rely on your midwife and/or birth doula on how to prepare for the birth. If you’re looking for a midwife or birth doula, I’ve featured a few amazing Seacoast resources: Holistic Birth & BeyondEmma Dolan Birth Doula,  and today’s birth features a couple of the midwives from the Concord Birth Center. After reading this post, check out their featured blogs for more information. 

Today, I want to share some ways to make your home birth experience extra cozy. Yes, you’ll be at home, so hopefully, you’ll be very comfortable, but I’ve seen that having these on hand can make the experience even better. The best part is that you probably have a lot of this on hand. It’ll just take a little bit of gathering. 

Tips for Making Your Home Birth Cozy

  1. Cozy Robe – You really won’t know what you’ll want to wear (or not wear) until you’re actually in labor. Some women feel very hot and want to wear as little as possible, while some may feel chill and need to warm up. No matter what, you’ll likely want a nice, cozy robe at some point. Either during labor or right after when you’re snuggling your newborn baby. Some of my favorite birthwear items can be found here.

  1. Birth Ball/Exercise Ball – This will be very handy during labor. You’ll want an exercise ball to help you through contractions. It’s also helpful to get this a few weeks prior to help stretch and prepare your body for the labor process.

  1. Heating Pad – A heating pad will help relieve pain, especially if you experience back labor. You can choose an electric one or find a hot water bottle to heat up and apply to the pain. 
  2. Massage Supplies (tennis ball, massager) – Massage feels so good during labor, and it’s something your birth partner can really help with. You can purchase an actual massager or just use tennis balls to use for massage. 
  1. Essentials Basket (hair ties, lip balm, massage oil, etc) – This ties in a couple of items (pun intended). Use a basket or small tote to keep your hair ties, lip balm, massage oil, and anything else that you might want handy during labor. You likely have these items in your home, but having them handy means your birth partner can grab them right away.
  1. Essential Oils – Essential oils are powerful, natural ways to help you reduce pain and find relaxation during the labor process. Have your favorite oils and your diffuser handy.
  1. Straw Water Bottle – You’ll thank me later. If you don’t already have a straw water bottle, get one before your home birth! This way, you can easily suck down water before, during, and after your labor. Bonus if it’s a steel bottle that keeps the water nice and cold. 

Seacoast Birth Photography 

Of course, the last thing you want to have handy is your birth photographer! By having a trusted birth photographer there to capture the birth, you don’t have to worry about your partner having to remember to take photos (while taking care of you), and you can have professional images to treasure for the rest of your life. If you want to chat with me, send me a message here. Join my online community The Village for Seacoast Moms, and connect with other local moms and resources.