What to Wear for Your Studio Maternity Photoshoot

What to Wear for Your Studio Maternity Photoshoot

Mama, there are so many fun wardrobe options for your maternity photoshoot. But finding clothes to wear during pregnancy can be frustrating enough, much less trying to find an outfit (or two) for your maternity photos! You want to look beautiful while also feeling comfortable. Plus, you don’t want to buy tons of maternity clothes since you’ll only wear them for a short period of time. 

I’m here to help you figure out what to wear for your studio maternity photoshoot. Here are some tips and ideas to help you find the perfect outfit. 

What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos


Color – I love dressing my mamas in soft and even neutral tones for their sessions. So, light pink, creams, light blues, light greens, etc. I highly recommend avoiding black or dark colors as we want to show off your beautiful bump, not hide it!

Styles – I’m ALL about comfort and style. I love long, flowy dresses on my expecting mamas. But not form-fitting dresses like this. Why?? I love that flowy dresses are so comfortable, pretty, and you can hold the bump in your portrait. 

Patterns – I tend to avoid patterns because they can be distracting from the bump. However, a light pattern might work well. 

Fabrics – So, you might be thinking that a stretchy, form-fitting cotton dress is best. Well, those dresses tend to show EVERYTHING. Like, bra straps and any other little bump. Choose a dress made from polyester or rayon, with a nice flow. 

Other Styles – Not a dress person? That’s okay! You can wear jeans with a top that follows the same ideas. 

Why Choose a Full-Service Studio Maternity Photographer

As a full-service studio maternity photographer, I have big news for you! With me, you don’t even have to shop for outfits! Well, you’ll come to the studio during our session planning and shop my CLIENT WARDROBE. My growing studio wardrobe has dresses for every mama with styles, colors, and sizes for every expecting mama. Let me do the shopping while you get to save time AND money for your maternity session. BONUS: All dresses in the client closet are great for postpartum at your newborn session too.

Seacoast Maternity Photographer 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time. I want to help my mamas feel as beautiful as they truly are while taking the stress out of planning a session off their plates. I love shopping for the White Wave Photography wardrobe and am always adding new pieces. My full-service process handles every detail for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your session day and celebrate your sweet baby! Feel free to message me with questions or book your maternity session. 


The Best Fall Maternity Session Locations Around the Seacoast

The Best Fall Maternity Session Locations Around the Seacoast

I may be biased, but I think we have the most beautiful fall here in the Seacoast. So, whenever a maternity client contacts me and needs her session in the fall, I’m SUPER excited! I have this resource on when to schedule your maternity and newborn sessions if you’re currently in the research phase.

It’s no secret that maternity portraits are some of my favorites to capture. I love documenting such a special time for you and helping my clients plan this session. I’m here to help you with all the planning, including wardrobe and location. We have so many beautiful spots in our area, but I’ve rounded up my top five favorite maternity session locations. 

The Top Five Maternity Session Locations 


  1. Wagon Hill in Durham, NH – This farm is a beautiful location that features tall fields and deep and rich fall colors for your portrait backdrop. Many locals also love the iconic wooden wagon on the farm for that country feel. See more about this location on their website.

  1. Town Landing in Durham, NH – This picturesque location is stunning in the fall, with lush fall colors overlooking the water and boats. This location also has a beautiful waterfall that’s perfect for photos. Plus, it’s perfect for an expecting mama with convenient parking next to Three Chimney’s Inn. See more about this location here.  

  1. Fort Foster, Kittery, Maine – There’s so much to love about this location! This is perfect if you love the sea and want photos with the beautiful pier and lighthouse. Sunset sessions are always a fav for me. Did I mention that it’s dog friendly!? See more on the website. 

  1. Vernon Family Farm – Of course, Vernon Family Farm makes the list! This beautiful farm features a stunning wildflowers field and fall foliage that is perfect for a maternity session. In fact, every year, I’m able to offer Wildflower Mini Sessions that book up quickly. If you haven’t heard of Vernon Family Farm, check out my blog feature with one of the owners.

  1. Hampton Beach State Park, NH – This location is perfect if you’re dreaming of a white sand beach backdrop. The beautiful seagrass makes a pretty background too. This beach tends to have fewer crowds which is nice for a maternity session. For tips on a beach maternity session, check out my blog here. 

At-Home Maternity Session

Maybe you’re dreaming of something a little cozier. An at-home maternity session may be perfect for you. At home, we can capture you and your family where you are most comfortable. It also offers an opportunity to capture boudoir maternity photos to show how beautiful you are!

Seacoast Maternity Photographer 

You really can’t go wrong with any of these locations for fall maternity photos. If you’re unsure or have questions, please send me a message here. I’m always happy to help a mama out. Did you know I have an online community for Seacoast moms? Join The Village for Seacoast Moms by White Wave Photography on Facebook. We’d love to have you!

When Should You Schedule Your Maternity and Newborn Photos? Hampton Falls, NH

When Should You Schedule Your Maternity and Newborn Photos? Hampton Falls, NH

If you’re an expecting mama, you’re probably in the midst of planning all the things for your new baby! From researching baby monitors to decorating the nursery and choosing a name, there’s a LOT that needs to get done to welcome such a tiny person into your family. 

One of the things you’re probably thinking about is when to have your maternity and newborn photos taken? I’m here to answer those questions and provide you with insight into why. 

When Should You Schedule Maternity Photo Shoot 

So, when is the best time to schedule your maternity photoshoot? I recommend having your photos taken between 31-35 weeks of pregnancy. This way, your bump is perfect for photographing, but you aren’t quite at the over-it stage of pregnancy! Of course, please let me know if you have a special circumstance such as multiples or any other situation. I totally understand and am happy to work with you! Your photos will still be gorgeous.

The answer to when to actually contact a photographer and schedule your maternity photo shoot is as soon as possible! This way, you can be on my calendar well before you reach 35 weeks, and we don’t have to worry about fitting you in! For tips on how to have your best maternity session, look here. 

When Should You Schedule Your Newborn Session 

Now that we have your maternity session figured out, let’s talk about your newborn session! The ideal time to have your newborn session is within the first 14 days of your baby’s life, with 7-14 days being the sweet spot. Check out the difference between a lifestyle newborn session and a studio newborn session here

My best piece of advice is not to wait until your baby is born. To be able to provide a full-service newborn session experience for clients and ensure my availability around their due date, I can only take on a certain number of newborn sessions. If you contact me after your baby is born, I might not have availability. 

I highly recommend scheduling your newborn session as soon as you can, and, preferably, you can schedule your maternity and newborn sessions at the same time. This way, you’re all ready to go and don’t have to worry about finding a photographer while you’re navigating life with a newborn. 

Special Circumstances in Newborn Photography 

Just like with maternity photos, there are special circumstances that I want to address. If you need more time to recover from birth or your baby had to spend time in the NICU, it’s okay to take newborn photos later. Please reach out and let me know how I can help you. 

Your Hampton Falls, NH Newborn Photographer 

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love babies! I cherish that I get to meet and photograph your beautiful newborn baby. You can read my other blog post if you want to learn more about why you should trust a trained professional newborn photographer here. As a Certified Professional Photographer, you can rest easy knowing that I’m highly trained and constantly learning new techniques. If you’re interested in scheduling a time to chat, I would love to meet you! Send me a message here.

Beach Maternity Photo Session | Jenness Beach

Beach Maternity Photo Session | Jenness Beach

As a motherhood photographer, I get to be there for my clients during such a special time in their lives. From the maternity photoshoot to the newborn session and beyond, I get to know my clients and their families and treasure each session with them. 

Choosing a meaningful maternity session location is a must. I want my mamas to feel beautiful and excited for their session, and part of that is finding a location that she will love. When this gorgeous mama wanted her maternity session at the beach, I knew the perfect place. 

Jenness State Beach is a popular state New Hampshire State Park and for a good reason! It offers a beautiful beach with the amenities of a state park (Hello, bathrooms). I get to show off this gorgeous session while telling you more about this location. 

Planning Your Jenness State Beach Maternity Session 

Here are just a couple of tips to think about as you prepare for your beach maternity session! 

  • Time of Day – I typically schedule maternity sessions an hour or so before sunset so we can get that golden light. This way, we also will avoid most of the crowd. The summertime sees lots of summers and beachgoers, so we want to try and avoid this as much as possible. 

  • Prepare for Some Walking – We’ll do a little bit of walking around, so prepare for that. Feel free to bring a beach bag with water and maybe a snack or two (or three). Speaking of walking.

  • Barefoot – You’ll likely want to be barefoot during the session so that we can capture your gorgeous portrait while standing in the sand or even in the waves. 

  • Dress Appropriately – If you wear a dress, it will get sandy and wet so wear something that you’ll feel beautiful in and that you don’t care about it getting dirty. Don’t be afraid to get in the water! Be sure to check out my extensive Client Wardrobe for the perfect dress.

  • Show Off Your Bump – No matter what, this is about you and your beautiful baby! Don’t worry about anyone else, and just focus on me. It’s your time to show off your beautiful bump and feel excited about your baby. 

Those are the big tips! I’m there to guide my clients throughout the entire process of planning their sessions and am always happy to answer any questions or provide support.

Beach Maternity Photographer | New Hampshire 

As you can sea (pun intended), I’m passionate about capturing expecting mamas where they will look and feel their most confident for the session. Luckily, we live in an area that offers ample beaches to choose from, and since I’ve photographed at pretty much all of them, I can offer advice on which one is best for you! If you’d like to schedule your maternity photoshoot with me, please click here.  I also invite you to join my online community The Village for Seacoast Moms.


Winter Maternity Photos

Winter Maternity Photos

Being pregnant in the winter has some perks! First, your sweet baby bump keeps you warmer (maybe too warm). Second, you have the option of taking gorgeous winter maternity photos! Your beautiful baby bump with the backdrop of winter makes a dreamy maternity portrait. 

I’m excited to share Bennett’s gorgeous mama’s winter maternity photos while I share a few tips for a great winter maternity session. Plus, you have to admit that winter in the Seacoast can be pretty! 

5 Tips for a Great Winter Maternity Session 

These five tips will help you plan a beautiful winter maternity session that will result in portraits that you’ll love.


  1. Choose Your Session Style – First things first, decide what style session you’re going for. For example, are you dreaming of a posed maternity portrait or are you wanting a more playful session? Either option is beautiful but knowing this helps us plan your session.

  2. Plan for Weather – With any outdoor session, we have to work with the elements! The best winter session has fresh snow, so we’ll try to work around mother nature. Plan for cold and dress appropriately. This leads me to my next tip…

  3. Dress Comfortably in Colors that Pop –This goes back to the type of session you want and weather considerations. We’ll work together to plan your wardrobe accordingly. You may want a bold maternity dress for a fairytale look. Or maybe you want to play up your winter accessories such as hats and boots.

  4. Include Your Other Children – If you have other kiddos, I highly recommend we include them (and your partner too!). This is a fun way to capture the anticipation of your entire family and take some family portraits too.

  5. Choose a Location You Love – Finally, you’ll want a location that you love. This could be a local park that you love to spend time in or the beach. Winter beach photos are so underrated and stunning!

Most of all, you want to find a photographer who will help you take the winter maternity photos that you’re dreaming of and will treasure forever. Don’t trust anyone with a camera to take these! You need an experienced maternity photographer who understands your vision and brings them to life.


Your Exeter Maternity Photographer 

As a mom of three, capturing motherhood is important to me. It’s my job to tell your family’s story through professional portraits. These are the photos that you’ll display in your home and look back on the rest of your life. 

I want to be there to photograph your glowing pregnancy and baby bump as well as take your precious newborn’s first portraits. If you’re looking for a maternity photographer, let’s chat to see if I’m a good fit for you!

Seacoast winter maternity session