The Best Fall Maternity Session Locations Around the Seacoast

The Best Fall Maternity Session Locations Around the Seacoast

I may be biased, but I think we have the most beautiful fall here in the Seacoast. So, whenever a maternity client contacts me and needs her session in the fall, I’m SUPER excited! I have this resource on when to schedule your maternity and newborn sessions if you’re currently in the research phase.

It’s no secret that maternity portraits are some of my favorites to capture. I love documenting such a special time for you and helping my clients plan this session. I’m here to help you with all the planning, including wardrobe and location. We have so many beautiful spots in our area, but I’ve rounded up my top five favorite maternity session locations. 

The Top Five Maternity Session Locations 


  1. Wagon Hill in Durham, NH – This farm is a beautiful location that features tall fields and deep and rich fall colors for your portrait backdrop. Many locals also love the iconic wooden wagon on the farm for that country feel. See more about this location on their website.

  1. Town Landing in Durham, NH – This picturesque location is stunning in the fall, with lush fall colors overlooking the water and boats. This location also has a beautiful waterfall that’s perfect for photos. Plus, it’s perfect for an expecting mama with convenient parking next to Three Chimney’s Inn. See more about this location here.  

  1. Fort Foster, Kittery, Maine – There’s so much to love about this location! This is perfect if you love the sea and want photos with the beautiful pier and lighthouse. Sunset sessions are always a fav for me. Did I mention that it’s dog friendly!? See more on the website. 

  1. Vernon Family Farm – Of course, Vernon Family Farm makes the list! This beautiful farm features a stunning wildflowers field and fall foliage that is perfect for a maternity session. In fact, every year, I’m able to offer Wildflower Mini Sessions that book up quickly. If you haven’t heard of Vernon Family Farm, check out my blog feature with one of the owners.

  1. Hampton Beach State Park, NH – This location is perfect if you’re dreaming of a white sand beach backdrop. The beautiful seagrass makes a pretty background too. This beach tends to have fewer crowds which is nice for a maternity session. For tips on a beach maternity session, check out my blog here. 

At-Home Maternity Session

Maybe you’re dreaming of something a little cozier. An at-home maternity session may be perfect for you. At home, we can capture you and your family where you are most comfortable. It also offers an opportunity to capture boudoir maternity photos to show how beautiful you are!

Seacoast Maternity Photographer 

You really can’t go wrong with any of these locations for fall maternity photos. If you’re unsure or have questions, please send me a message here. I’m always happy to help a mama out. Did you know I have an online community for Seacoast moms? Join The Village for Seacoast Moms by White Wave Photography on Facebook. We’d love to have you!

Kayla’s at Home Maternity Session | NH Maternity Photographer

Kayla’s at Home Maternity Session | NH Maternity Photographer

As a NH Maternity Photographer, I rejoice in the celebrations with my clients as well as the heartache.  When Kayla let me know that she had lost a pregnancy early on in 2020, I was heartbroken for her!  I knew how bad she wanted a sibling for Ember and I after documenting Ember’s arrival, I could not wait for baby number 2.

2020 seemed to take so much from so many people and this was one of those calls I HATED getting.  A miracle was brewing though and in the fall, I got the call that I had been waiting for!!!! A RAINBOW BABY was on the way!!!

Kayla’s at home maternity session did not disappoint and I am SOOO in love with these photos.  The last photos with your “baby” before the new baby arrives are full of precious moments.  We snuggled, Ember showed me her “baby belly” and we had a blast jumping on the bed.  At home sessions are so organic and no two are the same.  Big sister was all about soaking up snuggles with mom and dad.  When she was “all done” with the camera, Kayla and I had some fun of our own.

Kayla put so much trust in me and we JUMPED out of the box and did some fun empowering shots of her alone on the bed.  These maternity boudoir shots are some of my absolute favorite and I squealed when I saw the back of the camera.  I get it, as a mom of 3, I hated all the extra weight I gained during pregnancy but I still think pregnant mamas are the most beautiful!  Thank you to Kayla for trusting me and getting some seriously sexy shots of her bump.  THOSE EYES…damn girl!

If you are interested in learning more about Maternity or Newborn Photography, let’s chat.  I would love to make your vision come to life!

NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session. NH Maternity Photographer, White Wave Photography, tells the story of Kayla's at home maternity session.


5 Best Apps for New Mamas

5 Best Apps for New Mamas

One of the perks of being a birth and newborn photographer is being up-to-date on all the latest and greatest must-haves for new parents. I wish some of this stuff was around when I was having my babies! The other month, I shared the BEST baby shower gifts for the mamas in your life. I used Instagram to crowdsource some of the answers and figured I would do it again with the best apps. 

These apps are helpful for tracking feeding, sleep, sharing photos, and keeping up with milestones! I knew most of these, but a couple came highly recommended by my Instagram fans. 

best apps for new parents in exeter, NH

Meet the Must-Have Apps for New Parents 

Here are the 5 must-have apps for new parents as they navigate the newborn phase! These aren’t in any particular order, so read through them and see if you think any will help you!


  1. Baby Feeding Log – This super simple newborn breastfeeding app helps you track every feed. Keeping a log of the feeds will make sure your baby is eating enough and is easy to share the information with the pediatrician. They will ask how much the baby is eating at every appointment and you’ll have the answer! Download the app.


  1. Baby Tracker – This is the next level from the Baby Feeding Log app! This tracks feedings, diapers, and milestones. You can make sure the baby is eating enough and producing the right amount of diapers! No more wondering or trying to remember. Download the app.


  1. Huckleberry – Meet the sleep expert in your pocket! This app helps you track your baby’s sleep and receive expert sleep guidance. Instead of guessing if the baby is ready for sleep, the app will actually tell you the sweet spot to lay the baby down. It’s super well designed! This one was recommended a few times on Instagram! Download the app.


  1. TinyBeans – If you’re wanting to share photos of your sweet baby with family and friends, but don’t want to post them all on social media, this app takes care of that! You can upload photos to privately share with your loved ones. They can download the app as well or simply sign up for email digests of recent photos. Download the app.


  1. Wonder Weeks – Why does baby seem fussier than normal? What’s baby learning this week? This app answers all that and more! You enter some information about your baby and this app calculates your baby’s development schedule.  It will tell you when baby is entering a development leap and what signs to look for. This is a game-changer! Download the app.

new apps for new moms and dads

Capturing the Newborn Phase 

These apps all promise to help make the newborn phase (and beyond) easier. While the newborn phase is anything but easy, it really is such a special time that goes by way too fast. Investing in newborn photography and booking earlier will help you slow down and capture this season of your family. I’d be honored to be part of your journey – drop me a message and let’s talk about your newborn session. 

best newborn apps for mamas

Meet Mom’s Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

Meet Mom’s Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate a mama-to-be and make sure she has everything she needs for her baby! You can search in Google to download baby shower gift ideas, or just go on the mama’s registry. I decided to do something a little different and I asked my Instagram followers to tell me their thoughts! (Do you follow me on Instagram? @whitewavephotographyNH) I asked what was one item you didn’t really need and what was an unexpected item that you LOVED.

I’m really glad I asked! Some of these items I hadn’t heard of OR forgot about. Plus, a few of these gifts aren’t items you can’t just pick up at Target.

Please remember that ANY gift you give a new mama is welcomed and appreciated! These are just a few answers from my unscientific research. If you are a new mama, the goal of this blog is to give you some ideas on what to have on your baby registry! 

First, I’m going to share a few general items some mamas said they didn’t need, and then I’ll showcase the top 7 BEST unexpected baby shower gifts. 

maternity photography near Exeter, NH

Honest Baby Shower Gift Guidance 

  1. Too many baby towels – You might not need as many as you think!
  2. Too many newborn clothes  – Again, your newborn will likely only wear a few items and some babies don’t even wear the newborn size at all!
  3. Pacifiers – Get a few, but your baby might not even use a pacifier! Just get a couple to start and you can buy more OR leave them in the package from your baby shower.
  4. Baby gadgets like Butt Spatula – A couple of mamas listed a baby gadget that they didn’t end up using. Read reviews on some of these items – you might not really need it!
  5. Baby clothes 0-3 that weren’t jammies – They do make SUCH cute baby outfits. However, you want to dress your precious baby is fine, but you may find yourself only really needed PJs and onesies!  

Keep reading for the top 8 baby shower gifts!

newborn photography as a baby shower gift

the perfect baby shower gift for a mama-to-be

8 BEST Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Gift card to a local restaurant – Meals for when the parents are home with their newborn is a great gift!  Check out Comfort Baking Company for some great healthy meals as well as baked goodies.
  2. Haaka – Many mamas swear by their Haakas! 
  3. Larger clothing sizes – Think baby clothes 3-6 months or even up to 2T! A great local shop that sells SUPER cozy one-piece outfits is Puddlejumpers in downtown Exeter. Be sure to check them out!
  4. Larger diaper sizes – Some babies barely wear newborn diapers! Grab sizes 1 and 2.
  5. Earth Mama Nipple Cream – Enough said! This stuff is the BEST.
  6. Helping the mama clean her house – I thought this was such a sweet answer! Give the gift of a clean house before baby arrives, or after!
  7. Comfy jammies and slippers for the hospital – Help mama feel cozy in the hospital with cute and comfy loungewear.  The Top Drawer in downtown Exeter has some great lounging options as well as the most amazing nursing bras – a MUST HAVE is a perfectly fitted nursing bra.  
  8. The gift of self-care for mom – Self-care is something that we as moms tend to put on the back burner and don’t ask for help.  Check out Relief Parenting in Hampton for all your “new mama” needs.  They are an amazing resource for new parents.  They provide a safe place to rest, on-site childcare, parenting consultations & classes and YOU CAN EVEN TAKE A NAP. 

There was one more unexpected gift that mama’s LOVED…

moms agree this is the best baby shower gift

Mom’s Favorite Baby Shower Gift 

I noticed something throughout my research for this very blog post. Some of the BEST baby shower gifts aren’t necessarily a thing. Quite a few moms were thankful for the friend that offered to come clean, gave local restaurant gift cards for easy meals, and professional photography gift certificates. 

I thought this answer was so sweet and so true! A few mamas said a gift certificate to a photographer for maternity photos and newborn photos was one of their most treasured gifts. Any amount towards a photo package goes a long way and you know the mama will be delighted with her professional photos.  Being able to look back at an album of this most precious time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give someone.

Because of this, I want to share with you that I do offer gift certificates for photography services! Simply drop me a message to get started. 

newborn photography gift certificates

black and white newborn photo