Simple and Classic Studio Newborn Photography Sessions in Exeter, NH

Simple and Classic Studio Newborn Photography Sessions in Exeter, NH

That sweet baby you’ve been dying to meet is almost here! As you research different Exeter newborn photographers, you might be wondering if a studio session is right for you. While I do offer both at-home and in-studio newborn portraits, there is something so magical about a studio portrait session. When clients will come to me asking for a simple, timeless professional portrait of their newborn, I highly recommend a studio session. Here are some reasons why you might choose a studio newborn photography session, some perks, and a bit more about my studio space. 

Why Choose Classic Studio Newborn Photography 

Your newborn is absolutely perfect just the way they are. No props or fancy setups needed. A classic, simple newborn portrait is one that you will cherish forever with your newborn as the star of the show. These portraits will always look beautiful on the walls of your home. Mama, I encourage you to be in the images as well. Those first official portraits of you and your newborn will always hold a special place in your heart. 

Perks of a Newborn Studio Session 

While it might seem easier just to have your newborn photographer come to your home, there are so many perks of a newborn studio session! Here are a few reasons why you might choose a studio newborn portrait session.

1. Let Me Do the Prep – You don’t have to clean, organize, or panic about where to take these portraits in your home. The studio will be clean and waiting for you with all my wraps and setups handy.

2. Less Time – Since I’ll have everything ready for you, we can start the session a little quicker and spend less time staging before taking portraits. Newborn portrait sessions tend to take 2 hours (with breaks), but at home, they can take longer. NO big deal; it’s just something to consider!

3. Classic, Clean Look – You might change your home’s style, switch up décor, or even move! But your studio newborn portraits will always have that classic, clean look that will look amazing with anything.

4. Full-Service Newborn Photography – The first few weeks with your newborn is a whirlwind. You’re learning how to take care of a newborn and heal from birth. I’d love to take care of your newborn session for you so that all you have to do is show up to the studio and let me handle everything from there. I’ll have your wardrobe, hair and makeup, any newborn wraps, setups, etc. ALL ready and waiting for you. You can literally show up in yoga pants and a ponytail. Once you step into the studio, you’re in good hands! Please send me a message with any questions or to schedule your consultation!

Exeter, NH Newborn Photography Studio 

The White Wave Photography studio is conveniently located in the heart of Exeter, NH! I absolutely LOVE welcoming babies and their families to the studio. As a full-service newborn photographer, I handle all of the details for my clients to create a memorable, stress-free experience that results in heirloom portrait artwork. Many newborn session clients choose to create a custom album with their images

White Wave Photography First Year Collective

Book once, and you’re all set! Capture each of your baby’s major milestones throughout the first year of their life with The First Year Collective. This photography package includes 3-4 portrait sessions over the first 18 months of your baby’s life to ensure you can document every important moment with professional images and portrait artwork to always remember them.

Learn more about the White Wave Photography First Year Collective here.

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Creating Wall Galleries with Your Newborn Family Photos

Creating Wall Galleries with Your Newborn Family Photos

Your sweet, snuggly newborn won’t stay little forever. Professional newborn portraits will create a time capsule for you to return to as the years go by. You’ll always have your newborn photos to remember your tiny baby and let you hold onto that precious moment. After your newborn session, you’ll want to display these treasured portraits on the walls where you can enjoy them every day. Many of my clients want to create a gallery wall with their newborn family photos. 

Here are seven steps you can take to create your dream gallery wall!

7 Steps to Create Your Newborn Family Photo Gallery 

1.) Envisioning Your Gallery Wall – I know this might sound strange, but allow yourself to take a moment to envision your newborn family photo gallery wall. What does it look like? What story does it tell? How do you feel looking at it? Think about your answers as you move through the next steps. 

2.) Finding the Perfect Spot – Where would you like this gallery wall to be in your home? There’s no right or wrong answer! Some clients want their gallery wall over the couch in their living room, some in the dining room, and some love to see their beautiful portraits in the entryway. Look around your home and decide where you want these portraits to live.

3.) Your Home’s Style – What is your home’s style? Again, no right or wrong answer here! Having a style in mind will help us plan your session. If you’re unsure, try looking around your home to see what colors and decor you already have. I’m happy to help my clients think about their ideal style.

4.) Newborn Session – Now that we have the above steps planned out, we can head into the session with confidence that we’ll create your dream images. My signature newborn session style is laid back and baby-led. I have more information about working with a trained newborn photographer here.  

5.) Choosing Images – After the session, you’ll need to choose your favorite images and decide which ones will be framed and on the walls. The number of images will depend on the wall size and if you plan on growing the gallery wall over time. 

6.) Designing the Frames and Look – What style and color of frames would you like for your gallery wall? Consider the style of your home. Do you want something trendy or more classic that will stand the test of time? 

7.) Installation – This is the MOST important part of the process, and I’m NOT kidding! Don’t let these beautiful portraits sit around. Put them up within three days of their arrival. 

Full-Service Exeter, NH Newborn Photographer 

As a full-service newborn photographer, I take care of ALL of this for you. We’ll collaborate to dream up and create your gallery wall, and I’ll take care of all the moving steps to ensure this project is done. You deserve your dream gallery wall without any of the added stress. 

My full-service process includes

  • session planning
  • wardrobe
  • signature session experience
  • easy image reveal and ordering
  • designing your artwork
  • AND 
  • installing them for you! 

If you have any questions or wish to schedule your consultation, click here to schedule a time to chat on the phone!

Why Choose a Trained Newborn Photographer

Why Choose a Trained Newborn Photographer

Let me start by saying I love a good DIY. There is a time and place for that; however, your newborn portraits are not that time! Your sweet newborn is only this small for such a short period of time. It’s a short window to capture these precious moments before they’re gone. 

If you DIY or hire someone “with a camera” you will not end up with the images that you want. There’s so much more to taking a photo than the camera. It’s about the experience, style, technique, and passion that the photographer brings to her work. 

I also believe every photographer needs her start, however, this isn’t the session to trust a newbie. Newborn photography is a specialization in the industry. Newborn photographers undergo special training so that they can safely capture your newborn portraits. Please allow me to share more about why you should work with a trained and experienced newborn photographer. 

Newborn Photography Training

Newborn photography training is not one-and-done. There are new techniques being introduced all the time. Techniques that result in better, safer portraits that your family will be able to cherish forever. When hiring a newborn photographer you can ask about any specialized training to know that they are committed to newborn photography. Over the years, I have studied under some world-renowned newborn and birth photographers such as Kelly Brown, Monet Nicole, and most recently Danielle Hobbs.  Danielle’s Simple & Pure Workshop in Florida this past fall was a game changer for me and I am excited to offer more baby-led posed sessions in my studio.  

Why Trust a Newborn Photographer 

There are three main reasons why you should trust a newborn photographer to capture your child’s first official portraits. 

  1. Safety 

Number one is safety. As a newborn photographer, I never force your baby to pose or put the baby in an unsafe condition. We are very much baby-led during our newborn portrait sessions. We head into the session knowing that we’ll have to adapt to what baby is okay with. Trained newborn photographers know and love this as it results in beautiful portraits. In some cases, if mom has a certain pose in mind (such as older siblings holding your newborn), we can use PhotoShop magic to make it happen. 

  1. Experience 

Again, every photographer needs her start, but you generally get one shot at newborn portraits, so this is when you need to work with an experienced photographer whose work you love. (Don’t worry about new photographers, they can gain experience as associates.) You want a newborn photographer with a portfolio of newborn images that you love and know you can trust. 

  1. Style 

What newborn session style are you dreaming of? The two main newborn session styles are posed and lifestyle. You might want your newborn photos taken at home or in the studio.  Knowing which one you want is important in finding the right photographer!

Hampton Newborn Photographer

My final piece of advice is to work with a trained newborn photographer that you like and can trust. You should feel comfortable asking any questions about the session and feel supported throughout the process. Being able to work with brand new babies is a gift that I truly treasure and never take for granted. Each newborn photography session is a special experience for me. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a session, let’s set up a time to chat here! 

Finally, I also invite you to join my online community The Village for Seacoast Moms to get the resources, encouragement, and support that you need.


sweet newborn boy!

Addie’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Tewksbury, MA

Addie’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Tewksbury, MA

Photographing your precious newborn means the world to me. Your baby is your whole entire world and I get the honor of capturing those first sweet moments. Trust me when I say, it’s a privilege to be there with you during those first newborn days.

Addie’s lifestyle newborn photography was an absolute dream! Meeting this sweet girl and seeing her amazing parents was so so special! For this session, I went to the family’s home to capture newborn lifestyle poses. I think many newborn parents are nervous about having their home “ready” for me to come and take photos. There’s really nothing to worry about since I barely notice anything except your beautiful baby! 

I’m thrilled to show you Addie’s gorgeous portraits! 

lifestyle newborn portrait session

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits 

Your newborn portrait session allows you a moment to slow down and just enjoy your sweet baby! Lifestyle newborn portraits are just that – hitting pause and capturing your life at this very moment. Your baby is only a newborn once and it goes so quickly. 

This family was so sweet and I could immediately feel the love as I entered their home. Baby Kayla was ready for her closeup, but then again, she’s just a beautiful baby! Capturing her portraits was a delight. She was perfect and snuggly for her portraits that mom and dad will look back on and treasure forever.

Are Lifestyle Newborn Portraits Right for Me?

If you’re an expecting parent, you might be wondering how to choose what type of newborn photos you want. First, you’ll want to think about how you want to display these portraits. Why start there? Because knowing where your photos are going to be displayed can help us decide the style we want for the session. Then, you’ll want to consider if you prefer a studio session or an in-home newborn session. The beauty is that we actually can take lifestyle or posed portraits in either location, however, deciding which location you prefer will help decide the style. After you choose which location, we figure out any wardrobe and prop needs. As a full-service newborn photographer, I’m happy to guide my clients through this entire process with ease! 

Tewksbury, MA Newborn, and Family Photographer 

My name is Jennie Bishop of White Wave Photography and I’m honored to capture Tewksbury, MA’s families, newborns, and high school senior portraits! I offer full-service photography to my families and you’ll soon learn why many return to work with me again and again! You see, I guide you through the entire portrait process and my job isn’t done until your beautiful photos are lovingly displayed in your home! 

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, please reach out and contact me here. Not ready to book? No problem at all! I would love to have you on my email list to stay up-to-date with what’s going on at the studio. Finally, if you’re looking for a community, please join my Facebook Group “The Village for Seacoast Moms” to be part of our tribe! 

Newborn Photography Experience Studio Vs Home

Newborn Photography Experience Studio Vs Home

Throughout your pregnancy journey, you dream of the day you meet your new baby. The newborn stage is such a precious and short time. When you look back, this time feels like a beautiful blur of adjusting to your new family dynamic and getting to know your little one. 

Reflecting on the newborn period for my kids feels like a distant memory, with certain moments standing out more than others. Capturing your newborn portraits helps you treasure this time for the rest of your life. You’ll always be able to look back at these photos and remember this time while also watching how much your child has grown! 

Knowing how important photographing your newborn is and how much of a blur those first few weeks are, I created a stress-free newborn portrait experience for you and your family. Part of this is offering your newborn session at home or in the studio. 

Today, I walk through the different newborn photography options of taking them at the studio or in your home to help you see which one you may prefer! The end goal is to capture photos for you to love on and display in your home. Let’s dig in!

Newborn Photography Experience in the Studio 

There are a lot of reasons why you might prefer taking your newborn’s photos at the studio. The studio offers the perfect, all-white, simple, and pure space ready to capture dreamy newborn portraits. Studio newborn sessions are neutral and baby-focused and I will supply wraps, hats, and coordinating blankets for your session.

If you’re looking for a simple baby-led posed newborn session, the studio is a great option because everything we need is readily available at the studio and within reach. Lifestyle newborn portraits are still an option that we can do in the studio.  

This will be an opportunity to get out of the house, Mama! A day out might be just what you need to get out and about with your family. Your other kiddos are welcome to come too. I love having little helpers!

Newborn Photography Experience at Home

Some clients prefer to have their newborn’s photo taken at home. They might prefer to stay home because this is where they feel the most comfortable having them done. Home tends to be a popular choice because of this reason which is totally fine. 

Home is great for lifestyle newborn photography as we can set up anywhere in your home with your family. We can still take adorable simple baby portraits at home; I just need to bring everything I need to you.  

Finding Your Newborn Photographer 

Finding the right newborn photographer for your family is so important! You need to find someone you trust and who has the experience to capture your precious new baby perfectly no matter where your session takes place. I would love to see if we’re a good fit by having a quick chat! 

If you haven’t yet, please join my online community The Village for Seacoast Moms by White Wave Photography, and meet your squad!