When Should You Schedule Your Maternity and Newborn Photos? Hampton Falls, NH

When Should You Schedule Your Maternity and Newborn Photos? Hampton Falls, NH

If you’re an expecting mama, you’re probably in the midst of planning all the things for your new baby! From researching baby monitors to decorating the nursery and choosing a name, there’s a LOT that needs to get done to welcome such a tiny person into your family. 

One of the things you’re probably thinking about is when to have your maternity and newborn photos taken? I’m here to answer those questions and provide you with insight into why. 

When Should You Schedule Maternity Photo Shoot 

So, when is the best time to schedule your maternity photoshoot? I recommend having your photos taken between 31-35 weeks of pregnancy. This way, your bump is perfect for photographing, but you aren’t quite at the over-it stage of pregnancy! Of course, please let me know if you have a special circumstance such as multiples or any other situation. I totally understand and am happy to work with you! Your photos will still be gorgeous.

The answer to when to actually contact a photographer and schedule your maternity photo shoot is as soon as possible! This way, you can be on my calendar well before you reach 35 weeks, and we don’t have to worry about fitting you in! For tips on how to have your best maternity session, look here. 

When Should You Schedule Your Newborn Session 

Now that we have your maternity session figured out, let’s talk about your newborn session! The ideal time to have your newborn session is within the first 14 days of your baby’s life, with 7-14 days being the sweet spot. Check out the difference between a lifestyle newborn session and a studio newborn session here

My best piece of advice is not to wait until your baby is born. To be able to provide a full-service newborn session experience for clients and ensure my availability around their due date, I can only take on a certain number of newborn sessions. If you contact me after your baby is born, I might not have availability. 

I highly recommend scheduling your newborn session as soon as you can, and, preferably, you can schedule your maternity and newborn sessions at the same time. This way, you’re all ready to go and don’t have to worry about finding a photographer while you’re navigating life with a newborn. 

Special Circumstances in Newborn Photography 

Just like with maternity photos, there are special circumstances that I want to address. If you need more time to recover from birth or your baby had to spend time in the NICU, it’s okay to take newborn photos later. Please reach out and let me know how I can help you. 

Your Hampton Falls, NH Newborn Photographer 

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love babies! I cherish that I get to meet and photograph your beautiful newborn baby. You can read my other blog post if you want to learn more about why you should trust a trained professional newborn photographer here. As a Certified Professional Photographer, you can rest easy knowing that I’m highly trained and constantly learning new techniques. If you’re interested in scheduling a time to chat, I would love to meet you! Send me a message here.

What to Expect During Your At-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

What to Expect During Your At-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle newborn sessions are so precious and sweet. I can’t get enough of meeting my newest clients and seeing their beautiful little faces. And trust me when I say that I can’t wait to see the proud mamas too! I typically get to photograph both the maternity and newborn portraits, so I’m genuinely excited to see mom again and meet her new baby!

Portsmouth, NH at-home newborn session

So, you’ve done your research about a studio session vs. a lifestyle session, and you’ve chosen an at-home lifestyle session. Good choice! Now you might be wondering what to expect during a lifestyle session. You might have questions like – Do I just show up a few days after the baby is born? Do you need to do anything special to prepare? What happens if your baby (or other children) aren’t having it? 

I’ll answer all those questions and more! 

Lifestyle Newborn Session Process

First, I highly recommend booking your newborn photographer as soon as possible. This is important because I only take on a limited number of sessions per week to ensure that I’m available for my families and offer the best experience. I know that babies don’t usually come on their due dates – they come when they’re ready! So, I plan out my newborn sessions accordingly. 

As I mentioned before, I often photograph maternity sessions for newborn clients (but not always!). This is wonderful to capture this precious time for mom as well as get to know each other before the newborn session. 

Whether or not you had maternity portraits taken, a few months before your due date, we’ll connect to chat about the session. I’ll offer wardrobe guidance, see if you have any special requests, and share an outline of the session. 

Truth be told, we can do as much planning as possible, but your baby will run the show! I plan out my sessions to allow lots of time so that we aren’t in a rush or stressed. You can read my entire blog post on how to prepare for your newborn session here. In a nutshell, try to feed baby a half hour before the start of the session so that she is full and sleepy. If we need to pause for a feeding break, that is totally fine!  

Of course, we’ll want to include your other children in some of the photos as well as capture a family portrait. You don’t have to worry about this part of the process at all. First of all, I am positive that your older children will be so excited to show off their new sibling that we’ll have so much fun capturing the love they have.  I have many tricks up my sleeve to get everyone smiling and looking at the camera, so you can trust me to make it happen!

Mom snuggles her newborn during a lifestyle session

After the session, we’ll set up a time for you to view your beautiful images and choose which ones you want to print in an album or framed portrait. All you have to do is choose what you want, and I take care of the rest. I even hand-deliver your printed artwork to you and help you hang it up. It’s that important to me that you can display your newborn portraits without lifting a finger. 

Portsmouth Newborn Photographer 

There is something so special about capturing newborns and their amazing families. Whenever I walk into a client’s home for the newborn session, you can just feel the love and excitement. I hope reading through this post helps you understand the newborn photography process! I don’t ever want a client stressing out over the details. I take care of all that. You made the baby, so let me handle the rest. If you want to set up a time to chat, please click here for my contact form. If you’re an expecting mama, be sure to join my online community The Village for Seacoast Moms to connect with other local moms and resources. 



Addie’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Tewksbury, MA

Addie’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Tewksbury, MA

Photographing your precious newborn means the world to me. Your baby is your whole entire world and I get the honor of capturing those first sweet moments. Trust me when I say, it’s a privilege to be there with you during those first newborn days.

Addie’s lifestyle newborn photography was an absolute dream! Meeting this sweet girl and seeing her amazing parents was so so special! For this session, I went to the family’s home to capture newborn lifestyle poses. I think many newborn parents are nervous about having their home “ready” for me to come and take photos. There’s really nothing to worry about since I barely notice anything except your beautiful baby! 

I’m thrilled to show you Addie’s gorgeous portraits! 

lifestyle newborn portrait session

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits 

Your newborn portrait session allows you a moment to slow down and just enjoy your sweet baby! Lifestyle newborn portraits are just that – hitting pause and capturing your life at this very moment. Your baby is only a newborn once and it goes so quickly. 

This family was so sweet and I could immediately feel the love as I entered their home. Baby Kayla was ready for her closeup, but then again, she’s just a beautiful baby! Capturing her portraits was a delight. She was perfect and snuggly for her portraits that mom and dad will look back on and treasure forever.

Are Lifestyle Newborn Portraits Right for Me?

If you’re an expecting parent, you might be wondering how to choose what type of newborn photos you want. First, you’ll want to think about how you want to display these portraits. Why start there? Because knowing where your photos are going to be displayed can help us decide the style we want for the session. Then, you’ll want to consider if you prefer a studio session or an in-home newborn session. The beauty is that we actually can take lifestyle or posed portraits in either location, however, deciding which location you prefer will help decide the style. After you choose which location, we figure out any wardrobe and prop needs. As a full-service newborn photographer, I’m happy to guide my clients through this entire process with ease! 

Tewksbury, MA Newborn, and Family Photographer 

My name is Jennie Bishop of White Wave Photography and I’m honored to capture Tewksbury, MA’s families, newborns, and high school senior portraits! I offer full-service photography to my families and you’ll soon learn why many return to work with me again and again! You see, I guide you through the entire portrait process and my job isn’t done until your beautiful photos are lovingly displayed in your home! 

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, please reach out and contact me here. Not ready to book? No problem at all! I would love to have you on my email list to stay up-to-date with what’s going on at the studio. Finally, if you’re looking for a community, please join my Facebook Group “The Village for Seacoast Moms” to be part of our tribe! 

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

Preparing for your baby is such a fun and exciting time. It’s the fastest and slowest 9 months of your life while you research the best baby items, plan your baby shower, and read all the books! Another item on your list is booking your newborn photographer. Finding the right photographer to capture your precious newborn should be a fun experience! Here are 5 things to look for when hiring your newborn photographer!

newborn photographer

Exeter, NH Newborn Photographer

How to Hire the Right Newborn Photographer 

  1. Newborn Portrait Style 

Are you looking for lifestyle newborn portraits of posed newborn portraits?  Neither style is wrong or right, and you can find a photographer who offers a blend, but it’s very important to understand how each style is different! Let me break it down for you.

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits – This style is less about providing direction and more about capturing those candid moments with your baby. The newborn photographer may come to your home and simply use settings in your home to capture the photos. For example, you might see photos of the parents holding their newborn in the nursery or on their bed. If your dream is to have these candid moments, you might be interested in lifestyle portrait photography. 

Posed Newborn Portraits – This style provides more direction and posing to capture your baby in different dreamlike scenes. These images can be more custom and can be done in a studio setting or your home. For example, if you see a baby girl swaddled in a floral blanket with matching flowers and her hands tucked under her chin, that’s a posed portrait. If you’re dreaming of your newborn in a dreamlike setting, you might be interested in posed portrait photography.

how to find a newborn photographer

find a newborn photographer near you

  1. Experience with Newborns 

Hey, every photographer needs her start! But, if you’re looking for a photographer that you can trust with the entire newborn experience, look for one with experience in this area. Browse her portfolio or reach out and ask for more samples of her work. Going back to the first thing to look for, if you like a photographer but realize she focused on posed newborn photography and your dream is a lifestyle session, that’s something to consider!

lifestyle newborn photography

  1. Portrait Experience 

Look for a photographer who has you in mind throughout the entire process. I don’t just mean the actual shoot! Your photographer should make your life easier before, during, and after the session. You need someone who offers a seamless experience that you can count on. Look for a photographer with a newborn package that starts with getting to know you and ends with your portraits on the wall!

lifestyle newborn photography near me

  1. Personal Connection 

This actually goes for every type of session, but find a photographer with who you feel a personal connection. I’m not saying you have to become best friends (but that’s certainly an added bonus!), but one that you feel understands you and that you feel comfortable spending time with. You should feel cared for throughout the entire process!

lifestyle newborn photographer

  1. Availability

This one is key! If the newborn photographer you’re considering is booked, then it’s a huge bummer! Many newborn photographers only schedule a certain number of sessions each month to accommodate birthdays. It’s extremely important to have a photographer that has a backup! Reach out as soon as you’re interested to get on the books. 

I would love to be your newborn photographer! Nothing would give me more joy than to capture those first precious moments with your new baby. Send me a note to schedule your free consultation. 

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your newborn photographer

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