Newborn Photography Experience Studio Vs Home

Newborn Photography Experience Studio Vs Home

Throughout your pregnancy journey, you dream of the day you meet your new baby. The newborn stage is such a precious and short time. When you look back, this time feels like a beautiful blur of adjusting to your new family dynamic and getting to know your little one. 

Reflecting on the newborn period for my kids feels like a distant memory, with certain moments standing out more than others. Capturing your newborn portraits helps you treasure this time for the rest of your life. You’ll always be able to look back at these photos and remember this time while also watching how much your child has grown! 

Knowing how important photographing your newborn is and how much of a blur those first few weeks are, I created a stress-free newborn portrait experience for you and your family. Part of this is offering your newborn session at home or in the studio. 

Today, I walk through the different newborn photography options of taking them at the studio or in your home to help you see which one you may prefer! The end goal is to capture photos for you to love on and display in your home. Let’s dig in!

Newborn Photography Experience in the Studio 

There are a lot of reasons why you might prefer taking your newborn’s photos at the studio. The studio offers the perfect, all-white, simple, and pure space ready to capture dreamy newborn portraits. Studio newborn sessions are neutral and baby-focused and I will supply wraps, hats, and coordinating blankets for your session.

If you’re looking for a simple baby-led posed newborn session, the studio is a great option because everything we need is readily available at the studio and within reach. Lifestyle newborn portraits are still an option that we can do in the studio.  

This will be an opportunity to get out of the house, Mama! A day out might be just what you need to get out and about with your family. Your other kiddos are welcome to come too. I love having little helpers!

Newborn Photography Experience at Home

Some clients prefer to have their newborn’s photo taken at home. They might prefer to stay home because this is where they feel the most comfortable having them done. Home tends to be a popular choice because of this reason which is totally fine. 

Home is great for lifestyle newborn photography as we can set up anywhere in your home with your family. We can still take adorable simple baby portraits at home; I just need to bring everything I need to you.  

Finding Your Newborn Photographer 

Finding the right newborn photographer for your family is so important! You need to find someone you trust and who has the experience to capture your precious new baby perfectly no matter where your session takes place. I would love to see if we’re a good fit by having a quick chat! 

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