What to Wear for Your Summer Family Portrait Session

What to Wear for Your Summer Family Portrait Session

Summer is almost officially here! Summer family portraits are popular for a few reasons; the kids are off from school, the weather is gorgeous, and there’s nothing like a summer beach sunset! Once you have the session scheduled, it’s time to work on what everyone will wear. I want to offer a few of my best summer styling tips to help you plan your family’s outfits with ease.

If you’re looking for what to wear for your spring family portrait session, read my blog with tips here! Here are my five tips for styling your summer family portrait.

seacoast family portrait by Jennie Bishop

5 Tips for Styling Your Summer Family Portrait 

These are my best five tips to help you find the perfect outfits for your shoot. 

1. Neutrals are Your Friend – Lean on neutral summer tones like light pinks, blues, greens, and tan outfit colors. The location of your shoot could provide some inspiration. The classic black and white polo for men and khakis will look nice with almost any outfit! 


what to wear for your summer family portrait

2. Choose Complementary Colors – Avoid trying to color match outfits, and focus on choosing complementary colors that will blend nicely together! Imagine a bouquet of summer flowers and how the light pinks, blues, and greens look so gorgeous together. You don’t normally see a bouquet of flowers that are the same color. 

3. Limit Patterns – I actually do think some patterns will look really nice in a portrait, but there are limits! For example, in this family portrait, the lovely daughter is wearing a floral print dress, and as you can see, it pops without being too much. If both mother and daughter were wearing floral dresses, it might be too much!

Exeter family photographer Jennie Bishop shares her top 5 tips for what to wear for your summer family portrait

4. Look To Your Home Decor for Inspiration – This might sound weird, but hear me out. Remember, we always take family portraits with the end goal in mind of where these will hang in your home. Look around the space you plan on hanging these portraits. If it’s the living room wall, look around your living room for style inspiration. You carefully designed your living room and it reflects your style, plus, this will give you color ideas for your portrait!

5. Prep Outfits – Always, always, make sure everyone’s outfits are planned and ready to go before the session. Make sure everything fits, is clean and ready for photos. This will save you time and stress, so you can head into your session feeling prepared. 

tips on what to wear for your summer family portrait by family photographer White Wave Photography

Finding the Right Seacoast Family Photographer 

The right family photographer will help you choose the right outfits for your portrait! I love helping clients choose their outfits and can offer suggestions to help. Dressing your family for your annual portrait shouldn’t be stressful! I have some session availability this summer, so please reach out soon if you’re interested in booking to secure your spot.