Rainy Day at Raynes Farm – Exeter, NH

Rainy Day at Raynes Farm – Exeter, NH

The wind and rain are currently pounding on my roof as I type this and it reminds me of one rainy session from this past fall.  Sometimes as a NH based photographer the weather on a day when I have to shoot just does not cooperate.  When there is rain in the forecast I swear that I just stare at the weather app on my phone checking the radar to see if we have a window of no rain.  This fall day was no exception but from these photos you would have no idea that it was pouring.

Charlotte and I hadn’t seen each other in almost 20 years and I was dying to photograph her family.  With our crazy schedules this was literally the only day that these photos could happen.  We met at one of my favorite locations – Raynes Farm in Exeter NH. 

It was a cloudy day but the rain had not started yet.  As soon as we were ready to start, the clouds opened up and it started to pour!  My worst fear had come to light.  I looked at them and said “I am willing to dodge rain drops if you are”.  Everyone was in.  Even little man T was up for the challenge and honestly without his cooperation it would have been a bust!

We literally jumped in and out of the truck to get each shot and it was so much fun!  This family is a blast to work with and their true smiles and natural interactions made my job easy.

I look forward to photographing this family for years to come!  Thank you guys for such a memorable session.  Next time maybe we can play in the snow:).