Perks of Spring Family Photos | Exeter, NH

Perks of Spring Family Photos | Exeter, NH

There is nothing quite like spring! It’s a new season, the sun is shining (hopefully), and everywhere you look, there is no more snow! Okay, so there are a lot of reasons to love spring. Can I share one more? It’s a great time to take your family portraits!

The abundance of spring sunshine means we all get our much-needed vitamin D! This is why people experience a mood booster with the additional daylight, and they feel happier! What a perfect time to take a family portrait. 

Not convinced? I offer my five favorite reasons next!

spring family portraits in NH and ME

Five Perks of a Spring Family Portrait Session

1. Gorgeous Blooms – As you can see, springtime offers sweet blooms for the perfect backdrop for your family portraits. I know all the best locations in the Seacoast area to find the perfect spot. Imagine your family portrait on the wall with the sweet happiness of spring! You’ll feel happier all year by just admiring it. Siblings pose for their spring portraits on the Seacoast

2. Spring Sunsets – In spring, the days are getting longer than winter, so your session will likely start an hour or so before sunset, which is around 5:30 pm. There is something magical about spring sunsets, in my opinion. It’s like your seeing beautiful sunsets for the first time! It’ll create beautiful lighting for your portraits!

3. Your Kids Are Ready to Play – After being cooped up all winter, your kiddos are ready to get out and do something fun. Trust me, family portrait sessions are a blast! Not only that, you’ll look at your kids this spring and wonder how they’ve grown so fast. Now is the time to capture their essence to treasure forever. 

4. Spring Outfits – I actually really love spring outfits for a family portrait session! The temperature is at the perfect in-between, so it feels warmer, but we’re not experiencing the summer heat. I tend to love neutrals with complimentary cheery colors such as whites, pinks, greens, and blues for spring sessions. All my family sessions include wardrobe guidance, but if you’re interested in more, I have an entire blog post dedicated to what to wear for your spring portraits here

5. Just in Time for Mother’s Day – What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Portrait artwork of their beautiful families to enjoy every day. If you’re a mom, this might be the perfect reason to go ahead and schedule your family session. Or, you can send this to your partner for a major hint. 😉

spring blooms make for beautiful family portrait backgrounds

Spring Family Seacoast NH Photographer 

Honestly, I love capturing your family’s portrait all year long and in the studio, but there is something just lovely about a spring family session! Everyone is happy and ready to play in the sun, resulting in gorgeous portraits of your family. If you’re interested in learning more about me, let’s schedule a time to chat

Otherwise, if you’re a Seacoast mama, I’d love to have you in my online community. It’s a growing resource with tips, support, and expert advice on all parenting topics. You can join it here.


What to Wear for Your Spring Family Photography Session

What to Wear for Your Spring Family Photography Session

The sun is shining, snow is melting, and it’s time to think about your spring family photo session! What a perfect time of year to photograph your beautiful family among the luscious growing greens and blossoms. I realize we might have one more taste of winter, but I don’t care! I’m ready for the warmer weather and seeing all my amazing clients after the long winter. 

If you’re like my clients, you are looking forward to taking your family photos just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s so fun to plan the location and choose the outfits for your entire family! When my clients book their sessions with me, I offer wardrobe support to make sure we totally nail the look they want in their family portraits. 

Here are my top tips for what to wear during your family’s spring photoshoot!

spring family photographer in exeter, NH

outdoor spring family portraits

spring family portrait session with photographer jennie bishop

your family photographer Jennie Bishop shares tips on what to wear for your spring session

4 Tips for Styling Your Family Photoshoot 


  1. Keep it Classic 

The style of your session is really up to you, but I recommend leaning towards classic looks vs sporting the latest fashion trends. You’re going to have these portraits forever, so choose styles that will last. Think polos for dads, simple blouses, and jeans for mom.


spring family portrait session in exeter, new hampshire

  1. Blend Cheery Spring Colors 

Neutrals will never steer you wrong! However, blend in some cheery spring colors to make the session pop against the greens and pinks of spring. Think pops of pink, light greens, or blues to stand out against tans or light grays. Could the hubby wear khakis with a light green polo, for example? 

creating the perfect look for your spring family portrait session

  1. Fit in Fun Layers 

Absolutely no judgment, but have you seen a family photo where everyone wore the same thing? Maybe everyone wore jeans and a white shirt? It doesn’t look as natural. So, when planning your family outfits, you can coordinate but let each person add their own natural flair. Maybe your daughter can wear a cute headband, or your son can rock the same polo as dad while the girls match mom. 

tips for styling your spring family portrait session

  1. Go Cute, but Keep it Comfy 

My final tip is to have fun and choose cute outfits, but keep it comfy. What do I mean by that? Well, we all may have to talk our kiddos into wearing a certain outfit but if your daughter truly does not usually wear dresses, then I don’t recommend making her wear one for the session. If there’s a look you’re going for we can find a way to achieve your dream family portrait AND letting each member of the family feel like themselves.

fun family portrait session

Schedule Your Spring Family Portrait

Spring really does tend to spring by (bad pun!). If you’re hoping for a spring family portrait book it sooner than later, my friend! The weekends go by fast! I have a few sessions available on my calendar and would love to be your family photographer. Click here to chat! 

Mommy & Me Mini Sessions will be announced later this month so be sure to get on our VIP list to get first dibs!

mom with her boys during her outdoor spring photography session

sweet sisters during this outdoor spring family portrait session

all the kids under the spring blossoms for this family portrait One sweet little girl during this outdoor family portrait session